‘Hideous’ London Office Design – When Critics Get It Wrong

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Victoria Circle Victoria London office design

When BD awarded their infamous carbuncle cup to the Nova Building’s London office design last month,…

Branded London Office Buildings: Why, How and Should it Continue?

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Docklands-Canary-Wharf-London office buildings

With the diversity of businesses which can be found throughout London office buildings, particularly within…

Serviced Offices Simply Explained Through Our Helpful Expert Info-graphic

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Infocgraphic Feature Pic

New up-and-coming businesses emerge within the market day by day, the economy is constantly changing…

Electric Powered Taxis: The New Way to Travel to London Serviced Offices

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black cabs travel to london serviced offices

Transport for London (TfL) is embarking on a huge project to transform the streets of…

A Worker’s Guide to London Office Etiquette

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Frustrated working in Central London office space

In many cases, they’re in our lives for eight hours a day five days a…

Competition! Show us the Best and Worst Views From your London Office

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Best and Worst Office Views Comp

London is a place so dense with buildings, some are spectacular, offering immense views across…

No Eggs-cuses – Foods You Shouldn’t Eat in London Offices

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Smelly London offices lunch

What is that smell!? These are four little words that we at Londonoffices hear almost…

Top 10 Workplace Annoyances Making Office Employees See Red

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London office annoyances steaming girl

There’s always one! That person who can’t stop chatting. The one who is never at the…

Love Lunch? Amazing Street Food Surrounding Office Buildings in London

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Street Food close to office buildings in London

Sometimes after a hard morning slaving away inside one of the many office buildings in…

Overlooked for Promotion? Check your Out of Office E-mail

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E-mail out of hours london offices

Why not you? You gave a great presentation, have worked hard all year, are always…