3 Steps to Securing an Office in London’s Top Hotspots

Central London


Be decisive and move quickly – that’s the key to securing office space in Central London’s most sought-after hotspots.



1. Move fast


The London office market is hotting up and prices are on the rise, which means that now is not the time to play the waiting game. Ideally, at the point you start looking you should be ready to sign an agreement, so that you can secure your space once you’ve found the right option.


Currently, competition for offices in Central London hotspots is so strong that waiting a week or two to weigh up your options is likely to mean that you’ll end up losing the space.


Take King’s Cross as an example. It’s quite simply one of the most talked about locations in Central London right now, thanks in no small part to the hotly anticipated arrival of Google’s new HQ here in 2017. Naturally, businesses small and large are already beginning to take note and relocate here, with the result that competition for office space is fierce and prospective tenants need to be decisive and move quickly to secure the space they need.


2. Be prepared


Of course, in order to move quickly, you need to lay the groundwork first. That means researching the office market to ensure that your expectations of price and space are realistic. It also means mapping out your business needs so that you thoroughly understand what you need and can be clear on this when evaluating options.


It’s also important that you make a decision in advance about where you’re prepared to compromise – and where you’re not – so that you’re ready to make your decision quickly once a deal is on the table.


3. Get the inside track with an industry expert


Once you’ve established what you want from your office space and you’re confident that you’re ready to move, it’s time to consider working with an expert to find the right space.


Specialist brokers, for example, may be aware of additional offices coming to market soon, providing you with more options than you might have found on your own.


What’s more, an office space expert will be able to advise you on the most up-to-date rents for the area, so when you have got that deal on the table, they’ll be able to tell you whether you should snap it up, or whether it’s worth holding out and trying to negotiate better terms.


The market might be highly competitive right now, but with the right preparation you can still find the right space for your business.


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