7 Ways to Make the Commute Work

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Recently, we suggested how bosses should do more to help London office workers tackle the daily commute. But what if you can’t reduce your commute? With London workers spending an average of fifty-eight minutes a day commuting, we look at some of the best ways to turn that time to your advantage.



1. Get ahead of the competition


Imagine having an extra five hours a week to focus on getting that promotion. Turn your commuting time into professional development time, and you’ve got it.


Whether it’s swotting up on Spanish, learning code or studying for a professional qualification – use the time to do whatever it is that’ll get you closer to securing that promotion. Thanks to smartphones and tablets, it’s now easy to study on the go. Why not sign up to a MOOC or other distance learning course?


2. Tune in to birdsong


Sounds bizarre? According to sound expert Julian Treasure, listening to birdsong is a great way to get your mind in gear and boost general wellbeing. He recommends we all spend at least five minutes a day listening to the sound.


So for those 17.6% of London commuters who already listen to music on the way to work, adding in a track of birdsong could help to increase focus and productivity for the day ahead.


3. Set up office


Working before you get to work may be the last thing you feel like doing – but an hour spent working on the train is an hour less spent in the office at the end of the day.


In fact, 10.4% of London commuters already use their commuting time this way. Of course, it depends on you getting a seat on the train.


4. Check your social feeds


Check Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn before you reach the office, and you could well be saving yourself an extra half-hour in the working day.


Given how widespread social media use is, it’s surprising that only 7.7% of Londoners do this on the way to the office.


5. Catch up on the news


Knowledge, as they say, is power. Whether it’s the global headlines or the latest industry news, arriving at the office well informed could help you make better decisions – and more insightful contributions to that 9am meeting.


Driving into the office? Many newspapers and journals are now available in audio format. Learning the latest news while you wait might make that traffic jam a little less frustrating.


6. Plan a sideways move


Thinking of a career change?  From researching your new profession to studying for a professional qualification, that commuting time could be instrumental in helping you make it happen.


7. Get fit


If you can, why not cycle part of the route to work? Or get off a Tube stop earlier and power-walk the rest of the way? It’ll cut down on your gym time and free up some spare time after hours.


How do you make the most of your commuting time? Share your ideas in comments.

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