“Activity Based” Working Will Reduce Office Space

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Online giant Amazon is reportedly seeking 750,000 sq. ft. of office space in Central London, but according to one developer they could cut their requirement by a third through “activity based” working.

Reported in the Evening Standard, Lend Lease, who are developing the four million square foot International Quarter on the outskirts of the Westfield Shopping Centre and Olympic Park in Stratford, new working practices could reduce this requirement to 500,000 sq. ft.

“Behaviours are changing rapidly as the workforce gets younger,” says Kevin Chapman, head of offices at Lend Lease

“Companies are going over to 100% activity-based working. You wander around with your Mac Air and sit where you need to be at that moment. There are not many places in London you can do that today.”

But where does the space and cost saving arise? Well the idea follows many of the principles already used within the Serviced Office Industry, where the use of space can be optimised to avoid businesses paying for unused desks, empty space and other unnecessary costs.

According to one advocate of “Activity Based” working “Buildings need to be more like sponges you can walk through” and suggests that “It’s a whole new way of working made possible by advances in IT,”.

But would a flexible / activity-based approach work for you and your business? Or is the prospect of letting your employees loose too scary to consider in the current client?

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