The Spotlight is on: Aldgate and City of London Serviced Offices

Aldgate City of London St. Botolph Church

Over the past few years, Aldgate has seemingly grown out of nowhere. New developments of all types, including new City of London serviced offices, have sprung up at a rapid pace. Consequently created within this area is a whole new community and a brilliant new atmosphere.

Developments include everything from new cycle pathways, improved lighting and redesigned outdoor communal areas. New restaurants, hotels and City of London serviced office blocks will also feature. Aldgate has found its feet and taken off, establishing itself as a fantastic place to both work and to visit.

New Aldgate Serviced Offices Development 

One example of these recently erected, rousing City of London office blocks is that of Aldgate Tower. The remarkable development describes itself as ‘In your face standard office space!’ The stunning tower has plenty to brag about and has been designed with the perfect mix of convenience and beauty; it’s like finding a pair of incredible shoes which don’t break your toes!

Clients will benefit from quality services right within tower walls as well as its ideal position within the locality. You barely have to leave your desk to find a huge selection of amenities. A Black Sheep coffee bar, shower and cycle facilities, reactive art work in reception and panoramic views over the City are all complimented by Aldgate East tube being on the doorstep. Over 40 new restaurants, cafés and bars are also within a 5 minute walk of this centre; what more could you ask for from City of London serviced offices?

Dawson House

Neighbouring this model structure is another outstanding business centre. Dawson House is a further serviced office space which has managed to create the perfect balance of two attractive features. The space, provided by One Avenue Group, sits on Jewry Street, offering an incomparable fit out and exceptional business facilities. On the other hand, the fun and creative work spaces provide the ideal setting to ignite creativity.

The business lounge is one particular feature of this space which is unrivalled in the area. A member of centre staff is also always on hand to take care of your guests while they wait within the cosy space. The welcoming fire place even offers a beautiful setting in which visitors can sip a micro-roasted coffee.

Jewry Street lounge rent office space in london

Dawson House as a whole is very welcoming and comfortable. It provides clients a home away from home while maintaining a professional, practical work space. Typically City of London serviced offices are corporate and smart in décor. This space emphasises how Aldgate is a more unique and diverse area of the City.

Illustrations and distinct pieces of art imaginatively decorate the games rooms within this centre. The area acts as a great team building space where employees can release daily stress. As an alternative, the meeting room within this unique centre is very sleek and professional with impressive facilities and technology. As a result of these spaces, the balance of work and play within this office has been perfectly achieved.

Jewry Street meeting room rent office space in londonJewry Street games room rent office space in london

Aldgate Place – New Housing Development

A notable development, which is creating an alternative sort of traffic to the Aldgate area, is that of Aldgate Place. The Aldgate area is used to seeing a large business population and a large density of City of London serviced offices. This new structure supplies something unique to the area in the form of studios, one to four bedroom apartments and penthouses. As a whole this stunning new development helps Aldgate to set itself aside from the rest of The City. It provides a sense of community and a touch of tranquillity to an otherwise very fast paced area of London.

The six buildings which make up the whole development include outstanding new homes, an array of cafés, restaurants and shops and a four star hotel. Rare landscaped public gardens and beautifully paved walkways also surround all of these brilliant facilities. This provides those working within the numerous City of London serviced offices, and the residents of the new Aldgate development, with a much needed aesthetic backdrop.

Aldgate Square – New Public Space

Similar visual work has also been developed in the region recently. Aldgate Square for example is a stunning new public space which is at the centre of Aldgate’s highways and major roads. It provides a pleasant and attractive area for those working in the surrounding City of London serviced offices. Public space such as this for employees to enjoy their lunch or sunny evenings after work is rare and highly desirable.

Plenty of greenery, seating areas, shelters and water features make up the Aldgate Square transformation. Also established within the square is that of cycle friendly access routes. These new routes cement the work which has already been carried out to make cycling more safe within the area.

Irongate House City of London serviced offices

The above picture was taken from The Space UK‘s trendy Irongate House which overlooks the superb new public square. The picture clearly shows the magnificent transformation which creates added appeal to the already remarkable offices available at Irongate House. The centre provides an inviting atmosphere with creative, open plan work spaces comprised of focus booths, communal tables and contemporary, chic furnishings.

City of London Serviced Offices – The Current Market

Current and future clients of City of London serviced offices in the area will benefit greatly from this outstanding make-over. The space will also supply the high demand for office space in the Aldgate locality. Techspace’s Leman Street is one such popular centre. Integrating reclaimed furnishings and an industrial feel, vibrant bursts of colour and playful bean bags, this space incorporates the popular and unique identity of its location.

Leman Street City of London Serviced Offices

BE Offices’ Minories location is another example of the stunning interiors typically found within Aldgate office spaces. This office excels in all areas which is evident from their acquisition of the famed Business Centre of the Year Award in 2015 from the Business Centre Association. Their energised and inviting reception space sets the tone for the rest of the building while also providing guests with a positive feeling as they enter. Iconic City of London serviced offices such as The Gherkin are also visible directly from your desk. Views such as these make losing fervour whilst you work very difficult.

BEOffices Minories City of London Serviced Offices Reception

Aldgate has well and truly secured its position on the map. It has visibly risen to meet the very high standard which the rest of the City holds. However, the way in which we conduct business in the modern day and the demand for more inviting and comfortable City of London serviced offices, has caused the Aldgate development to bring a new culture. It has caused a clear re-evaluation of the way in which we judge the esteemed City of London.

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