Office Envy: Alice’s Office space in Waterloo Wonderland

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With Cheshire cats and floating teapots, this week’s Office Envy pick is anything but ordinary. The design team behind this office space in Waterloo really let their imaginations run wild – with some magical results.

OSIT office space in Waterloo meeting room

Step beyond the entrance to this Office Space in Town – Waterloo office and your Wonderland adventure begins. The Alice in Wonderland theme is used to full effect throughout. Firstly, there’s the humbug-striped walls of this meeting room…

OSIT office space in Waterloo Break Out Area

… then this red and white breakout space with its funky seating.

Alice OSIT office space in Waterloo meeting room

Moreover, every room has its own style. Step into this meeting room to be greeted by bright white walls and discover Alice peeping through the ceiling. The blue and white colour scheme within this space creates a feeling of being up amongst the clouds. As well as being imaginative and creative, there is also a calming feel to this unique room.

Queen of Hearts OSIT office space in Waterloo meeting room

In complete contrast, this boardroom is bold and bright – a real statement for businesses who want a visit to their office space to be remarkable. The colour red draws the eye and peaks our attention, further ensuring that visitors to this office space in Waterloo will not forget it in a hurry.

Mad Hatter OSIT office space in Waterloo meeting room 2

While here there is something completely different yet again. This meeting room makes use of more muted tones and surreal furnishings while incorporating the mad hatters tea party element of the story. Wherever you look there’s something new to be discovered. You’ll start to feel like Alice herself.

White Queens OSIT office space in Waterloo meeting room

Time for tea? This is just the room, with its chic minimal interior – and yes – teapots suspended from the ceiling. This area provides a less busy atmosphere and consequently allows for greater concentration. Working or unwinding within this individual space is a complete pleasure.

office space in Waterloo Client Lounge

Looking for another quiet spot away from the desk? Beyond the faux topiary archway lies a selection of private booths, screened off by hedges. Just keep a lookout for the Queen of Hearts.

This office space in Waterloo could be your new business base!

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