Saatchi Gallery Stream Alternative Art into London Serviced Offices

Saatchi Gallery streaming to London serviced offices

Ever fond of pushing the boundaries, the Saatchi Gallery in London is adding a new twist to its modern art collection. The contemporary gallery, located in the beautiful pillared Duke of York’s HQ on Sloane Square, is taking contemporary art a step further by streaming artists’ work into London serviced offices.

Around 100 London serviced offices that have ECNlive screens, more commonly used for live news feeds, will instead stream works from two current Saatchi exhibitions from Russia. Work space design might be advancing at a rate of knots, but office workers will get a real treat when contemporary artwork is beamed onto their TV screens in a blaze of colour, contrasts and cultural collisions. And maybe the odd nude too – which would certainly brighten up drab Monday mornings.

It’s all part of a new initiative, of which the general idea is to encourage city workers to consider art that they might not otherwise encounter.

The idea is to encourage different sorts of audiences into the gallery,” said a spokesperson, according to The Metro. “By seeing a digital image they might feel inspired to then see it for real.

Saatchi Gallery art streaming to London serviced offices

Art is a common sight in many London serviced offices and offices throughout the rest of the UK. Landmark Plc, a provider of flexible office space in London, works closely with various art groups to furnish its offices with pieces from some of the UK’s best young and emerging artists.

During fit-out of its latest property, Heron Tower, Landmark attended the Wimbledon Summer Shows at University of the Arts London to select various pieces for the iconic structure. In total, Landmark features hundreds of works of art across their five London serviced offices.

Back to Saatchi, and around 400,000 office workers across 100 London serviced offices will be privy to the Russian display, which takes in a range of cultural and political interests in the unique style of some of the Saatchi Gallery’s most promising and forward-thinking artists.

Saatchi Gallery art sculpture streaming to London serviced offices

The gallery provides a platform for contemporary artists to showcase their work on a large scale. Most work is created by largely unknown and unseen artists, or by international creators that rarely have the chance to exhibit in the UK. The Saatchi Gallery has been displaying works of art for over 25 years and now attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

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(Image by Ckeen via Wikimedia Commons.)