Are These Alice in Wonderland Offices a Game-Changer for London?

Waterloo offices boardroom

A new Alice in Wonderland-themed office in Waterloo is set to be a real game-changer for London’s serviced office market.

Extraordinary offices

On the outside, Office Space in Town’s new London business centre is a striking, modern office building. Inside, it’s a magical space that leaves the streets of Waterloo far behind.

The Alice in Wonderland theme starts in the business centre reception and is continued throughout.

A variety of meeting rooms are kitted out, each in unique style: in one, the Cheshire Cat; in another, Tweedledum and Tweedledee stand either side of a large display screen, against humbug-striped walls.

And the theme continues, through more meeting rooms, a restaurant, breakout space and even the kitchen. Office Space in Town has left no stone unturned in the mission to create a work day wonderland. The transformation is remarkable.

Alice in Wonderland Waterloo offices meeting room

Wonderland in Waterloo

But it’s not just the design which makes this centre one to watch – there’s the choice of location too.

While it has the exceptional presentation standards and facilities typical of London’s most expensive office locations, like Knightsbridge and EC3, it’s anything but traditional or corporate. In fact, the quirkiness of the space is more typical of less traditional locations, like Shoreditch and Clerkenwell. So where does a space like this belong?

According to Office Space in Town, it’s Waterloo. Becci Strawford, London sales team, says; “We see Waterloo as an area largely lacking in the provision of high quality office space. The area is one of the most up-and-coming in London and as part of our on-going growth plans we are keen to set the trend in SE1 with a truly unique building.”

Alice in Wonderland Offices Waterloo

Leading the way in SE1’s growing media community

“Up-and-coming” is certainly the word, if a recent surge in interest around SE1 is anything to go by. According to research by Knight Frank, the area has seen a significant increase in office space take up from high-profile media companies.

The presence of the Shard and the Baby Shard has undoubtedly helped to raise the profile of the area as a fashionable, premium business location. As a result, SE1 is fast becoming a media community, attracting a growing number of media and creative companies – a great fit for immaculately presented and unusual office space.

As Becci says: “After looking at the demographics of businesses within the area we felt it granted us the opportunity to look at a truly unique and fun theme which would get everyone talking.”

Serviced offices in Waterloo

Serviced offices get the Google treatment

Of course, themed office space in itself isn’t new; we’ve seen it with high-profile brands like Google, Innocent and YouTube, all of which have themed offices in Central London.

But these are all huge brands leasing conventional office space. The new Alice in Wonderland offices are serviced office space, placing high-level, conceptual offices within reach of a whole new range of businesses. It may even encourage some to take a fresh look at serviced office space.

Office Space in Town has raised the bar: who will be the first to rise to the challenge?

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