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Unused Office Space in London is the Equivalent to 17 Houses of Parliament

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London currently has 20.2 million square feet of unused office space, a 3.3 million rise…

Starting a Business in London? Here’s What You Need to Know

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For any new innovator and entrepreneur, starting a new business venture is both an adrenaline…

Is it Time London Began Rewilding to Reduce its Carbon Footprint and Improve City Wellbeing?

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With world leaders gathering in Edinburgh for the COP26 Climate Change Conference last month, the…

London to Europe Business Trips You’ll Want to Extend this Festive Season

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Christmas Market

Now that travel restrictions have been relaxed and the dreaded red list has been scrapped,…

New Season, New Freedoms, New Focus for Getting Back into the Office

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fresh start new start

For many people the summer has brought mixed emotions, a little disorganisation and once again…

London Structures Causing Controversy: Novel Architecture or Selfish and Unnecessary?

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From gigantic glowing orbs to glass pools and pop-up artificial mounds, there has been quite…

Finding Happiness at Work Requires Looking Beyond Just the Salary

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It may be a cliché, but the phrase, money doesn’t buy happiness, is popular for…

The Dangers and Benefits of the Modern World’s Increasing Reliance on Artificial Intelligence in Business

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Artificial intelligence

It’s no surprise that over the past few years, businesses have become more reliant on…

Zoom Meetings Look Set to Stay: Tips to Becoming More Comfortable and Confident Presenting Online

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Virtual meeting/presentation

One of the worst and best things to happen to businesses in the past year…

Tips for Rational Thinking in the Workplace

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With the lingering worry of another lockdown on the horizon, coupled with uncertain business security,…