Battersea Developers Unveil Future Vision

Battersea Power Station

Iconic Battersea Power Station has lain undisturbed and decomposing on the London skyline for 30 years now as bids rise and fall to redevelop the complex.

At last, however, it seems the end of the long wait is in sight as the Malaysian group that bought the land earlier this year have announced their plans to transform the Battersea icon into a massive office complex, shopping centre and residential area.

The scheme is estimated to take around 15 years to complete and the station’s heritage-protected four towers will have to remain identical if torn down and rebuilt.

“I think London is a global city and Battersea power station is a global project,” sayd CEO of Battersea Power Station Development, Rob Tincknell.

“So we’re going to be looking to the entire world for new residents, office occupiers, retailers – you name it – and I’m confident that the demand is there.”

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