Better Buildings Partnership scheme sign new major companies

Blackstone Real Estate Group and Prupim are the latest companies to join a new environmental scheme in London.

The Better Buildings Partnership was set up to encourage and improve the environmental performance of commercial property in London.

Following a meeting of 100 representatives at City Hall, the Better Buildings Partnership and Green500 annual brunch, discussing environmental and energy consumption issues in London, Blackstone Real Estate Group and Prupim have joined the scheme.

Green500 and the Better Buildings Partnership are two of many schemes set up by the London Development Agency (LDA)to help combat climate change. The target of the LDA is to cut 60% of energy usage and emissions by 2025, a target set by Mayor Boris Johnson.

Around 220 businesses have already joined the Green500 scheme, which has meant over 200,000 tonnes of CO2 has been saved in London. members include Addison Lee, the Natural History Museum and Schroders PLC. The scheme aims to cut a further 650,000 tonnes of CO2.

Blackstone and Prupim joined the better buildings partnership to help make a similar difference, as environmental awareness is important to them. “Blackstone is committed to giving due regard to environmental and social issues and to encouraging portfolio companies of our private equity and real estate private equity funds to do the same,” says MD of Blackstone, Stuart Grant.

LDA group director for design development and environment, Peter Bishop has high hopes for the vision of the scheme, he comments, “London’s commercial buildings are responsible for a third of the capital’s carbon pollution.

“Through the Better Buildings Partnership, the London Development Agency and London’s commercial property owners are working together to find practical solutions that will cut their emissions and help London become a world leader in commercial energy efficiency.”

Being the UK’s capital city means that London has a high responsibility to lead the way with schemes like this. Once commercial property developers in London make real changes to their energy and sustainability issues, the rest of the country will follow suit and help make a real difference to the impact of office space, business centres and other commercial property on the environment.