New Bike Rack Desk Combination Comes to London Office Buildings

MUU pit in steel within London office buildings

New office desk in London office buildings lets you park your bike and work.

Designers create a new type of office desk that lets you work on your bike.

A new kind of office desk has become available in London office buildings that is targeted towards cyclists and general health fanatics.

The ‘Pit In’ is an office desk that doubles up as a bike stand. This means that workers can cycle into the London office buildings, park their bike and get straight to work. The slot at the front is large enough to fit a 26-inch wheel, the size of most adult bicycles.

The desk was designed in Japan by design studio store MUU and is mainly constructed out of plywood. However, a steel version for outside use is under development.

MUU pit in within London office buildings

“The saddle of a bicycle is just like a movable chair with wheels. You can sit on your bicycle while you take a coffee break, check emails or chat with friends. Of course, the desk is only as comfortable as the saddle you have,” commented MUU designer Daisuke Ito.

The desk measures 45 inches high, 35 inches deep and 28 inches long. This means you’ll just have enough space for a laptop or tablet computer. You might want to reconsider a PC workstation however.

The ‘Pit In’ is available for an amazing £4,000 and is only available online.

Other strange inventions you may want to introduce to your London office buildings include the conference bike which features 6 sets of pedals and a steering wheel. The design positions people around the bike in a circle so that they can exercise whilst holding a meeting. Sadly though, the conference bike won’t fit into your brand new ‘Pit In’ desk as it features 3 wheels and a unique frame to allow 7 people to ride at once.

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