Top 5 Tips for Successfully Using a Broker to Rent an Office in London


London is a big old place and there are almost endless options when choosing to rent an office in London; luckily for you this is where we thrive! There are a few things that you need to do and understand before you begin your search. Hopefully this article will guide you through the minefield.

  1. Don’t Shop Around to Rent an Office in London

Firstly, find yourself a personal broker and stick with them! This isn’t expensive manual labour that results in you paying ‘a guy’ over the odds because you didn’t shop around. The service is free to you and trust us, using a broker will save you an awful lot of time and probably your sanity as well.  We cover the whole market so there’s no need to have multiple brokers either. Keep it personal and simple and the whole thing will be as painless as can be.

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  1. Share what’s Important

Although our brokers are highly knowledgeable and experienced, they’re not wizards. You will need you to know what is important to you and your business before you begin your search to rent an office in London. Think about what is a necessity to your work-space and what is the most important requirement, location, size or budget. It may be that you need creative breakout spaces, a location accessible to staff, or to be surrounded by like-minded businesses in the area. You’ll also need to consider what size office your business currently needs, not what you may need in the future. Give as much information as you like to your broker. This will provide them with the best idea of your business and its requirements.

  1. Trust Your Broker

After spilling your heart out about your ideal office you then have to put the power in their hands. To trust and be flexible is the next tip in the search to rent an office in London. Use their knowledge and take a chance on a space which at first light may seem either too expensive or not entirely as you imagined; going in to co-working for example. Seeing an office in all its glory and walking around it, imagining yourself working away in its comfortable lounging chairs, is the best way to fall in love with a space.

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  1. Communicate

Communication is also key! If your first tour is completely off the mark this is sometimes simply part of the process. Explaining what was good and what was totally wrong in the spaces you see will save you wasting your time on the next tour. Keep in contact and maintain your relationship with your personal broker. This way, the task to rent an office in London will be completely on the ball and tailored to you throughout.

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  1. Do it now!

Reading this means that you’re already on track to a smooth way to rent an office in London. You’re doing your research and if you’ve gotten this far you’re now in the know! So the last tip, recommended as an immediate step, is to pick up the phone and meet your friendly new office broker right away! are specialists in London office space. We provide a free, personal service for companies seeking a London based home for their business. To find your personal broker call us on +44 (0) 203 826 8139 and start your search to rent an office in London.