Can Your Offices Help You Gain an Advantage Over Competitors?

South Kensington Office

Looking to gain an advantage over your competitors? Have you considered your offices? We look at three ways your choice of business premises can help you stand out from others in your industry.

Get strategic with location

Having an office right at the heart of the industry scene for your business is an obvious – and often very good – choice to make. After all, you’re surrounded by buzz, networking opportunities and potential clients know where to find you. But chances are, your competitors are here too, benefiting from exactly the same things. Is there a more strategic choice you can make?

When app development company InfoStretch looked into opening a London office, they chose to set up not in Tech City, alongside potential competitors, but in Mayfair, where they’re alongside many of their clients. As well as being more readily accessible for client meetings, the fact that they’re a tech firm in an area dominated by private investment companies and hedge funds helps them to stand out a lot more easily than they would among the hundreds of tech firms at Silicon Roundabout.

Looks matter

The aesthetics of great office design don’t just benefit the people who work in the building – they can help to raise your profile and enhance your brand image too. Imagine being known as the company who works in these Alice in Wonderland offices or welcoming clients into this impressive Kensington space (pictured top).

The more image-conscious your industry, the more important this is likely to be. If that’s the case, go for high-spec or all-out creativity – something that makes you stand out and makes visiting your offices a memorable and enjoyable experience. It might make for a great PR opportunity too.

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Move faster

Setting up a satellite office? Serviced offices are your key to establishing your presence quickly – something which could be critical in highly competitive locations.

Because serviced offices are available on short-term agreements of just a few months, you can save yourself months of legal negotiations which usually come with a long-term office lease. So you can get that new office up and running far more quickly than competitors who are tied into conventional, long-term office space.

How have your offices made a difference to your business? What are your experiences?

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