Central Saint Giles development boasting colourful office buildings launched

The Central Saint Giles development was launched today altering the grey urban skyline of London with a set of multicoloured office buildings.

The orange, red, green and yellow arty edifices are the creation of architect Renzo Piano and the result of a collaboration between Legal and General Property (LGP) and the Mitsubishi Estate Company.Described as a “mixed use regeneration development” the completed project, set in West London, between Covent Garden and Soho, includes office and retail space, restaurants, a residential area and a public piazza.

Aside from boasting glazed ceramic facades replete with vibrant colours the 405, 000 square foot of office space, based two minutes away from Tottenham Court Road station, has done its best for the environment.

Rainwater will be used for irrigation and flushing toilets and a biomass boiler will provide the majority of heating and hot water.

Simon Wilkes, LGP development director said: “Today marks a very significant milestone for the Central Saint Giles Partnership. It has been a great privilege to work with Renzo Piano, an architect of such ability. The entire design and construction team led by Stanhope and Bovis Lend Lease has done an outstanding job to turn his vision into reality. The end result is one of the best places to work in London”.

He added: “Central Saint Giles is not just about great architecture, it is about accessibility and vibrancy and creating a reinvigorated sense of place”.