Christmas Party for Average Office in Central London Costs £90 Per Head

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The average office in Central London spends £90 on Christmas Celebrations. London office workers could benefit from alternatives to the cliche parties by visiting tourist attractions.

Christmas is always an expensive time of year, but it’s not just spending your hard earned cash on your loved ones that can break the bank, Christmas celebrations are likely to put a firm dent in your bank balance.

According to Londonoffices, the average price of a party for an office in Central London is around £90 with a range of themes and activities now being available to employees.

However, in the current financial climate this may seem like a lot of money to spend on getting drunk with colleagues and saying inappropriate things that you may come to regret as many people do at the office party.

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A recent report by Badenoch and Clark has already suggested that many people would prefer to be given cash by their employers than have them throw them a party. Staff Christmas parties can however be a great opportunity to boost staff morale and to relax after a hard year of work.

Many event organisers such as Office Christmas will cater for employers, creating a theme for the evening that is bespoke and for all to enjoy.

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Office workers living in London however, could save money by organising alternatives to the typical celebrations. Rather than going for a meal and drinking too much alcohol, taking a trip to some of the tourist attractions may be a cost saving and more entertaining alternatives for an office in Central London.

Popular destinations for Christmas fun include The London Dungeon and The London Aquarium where there is still all of the fun of a party without eating too much turkey or witnessing staff arguments after a few too many.

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