Co-Working Courtesies: Rent a Space in London on the Co-working Scene

Rent a space in London Co-working courtesies

Stress in the workplace can spring from many more factors than just the workload. When you rent a space in London, just the physical environment and features within it can add extra stress to your working day.

Co-working spaces are large, open plan areas in which different people will work each day. Getting the most out of these centres requires plenty of communication and courtesy.

As pointed out in an article in Forbes, If you’re stressed out by a co-worker … figure out a way to effectively communicate your frustration or concerns. If they know their actions are causing you stress, they might be willing to make changes.’

Londonoffices also spoke to Matt Guild, co-founder of Co-Work, for an insider’s view. The provider has shared offices in Finsbury SquareCannon Street and Soho to name a few. He says, ‘Co-Work was one of the first providers in the UK to offer high quality co-working spaces. I have seen many organisations thrive within our spaces, which is a great testament to the productivity that can be found in such environments.’

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Successfully Rent a Space in London with these Tips

Below are some factors of co-working to consider before you go ahead and rent a space in London. These tips will hopefully reduce stress and distraction levels all round, helping you too to thrive in a collaborative work space.

Community is Key

Be a part of the co-working community when you rent a space in London. Go to events, socials and seminars etc. that are provided by the building. Tenants of the space may initiate these events, or professional speakers may be brought in by the centre itself. Either way they are a great way to meet new people both socially and professionally.

The community that is built within our spaces, and the connections made within them, are truly invaluable,’ says Matt.

Networking is one of the most beneficial tools for small businesses and co-working spaces make this so easy. Once you rent a space in London, you could even begin your own social event if there is nothing that currently interests you. Immersing yourself within the community will not only make your day more enjoyable socially, it will also help you grow your business.

Hitting everybody who tries to talk to you with an ‘I’m too busy’ is definitely not the most beneficial approach.

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Consider Noise Levels

If they’re available, which in many co-working spaces they are, use designated areas to make/receive calls and talk to others. For example, look out for phone booths before you rent a space in London. Usually, they will even be equipped with plugs so you can charge whilst you talk. This means that there is no chance of unknowingly shouting down your neighbour’s ear whilst you carry out your call.

In co-working spaces, conversations can often become animated when a new idea springs to mind or when sharing a joke with a co-worker during lunch. Whilst it is hard to be mindful of others at all times and co-working spaces don’t generally take on a library style atmosphere, using certain areas such as kitchen/café spaces or booths can be more help than you realise.

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Don’t Leave a Mess

Whilst tidying up after yourself may sound like something your mother would have told you to do, it is something to bear in mind when you rent a space in London. When sharing a space with someone, one of the most annoying occurrences is other people’s mess. In co-working this is particularly true for the kitchen area.

Do not rely on building managers or co-workers to tidy the space after you have used it. Being greeted with the remains of somebody else’s lunch on the worktops is very irritating not to mention unsanitary!

Rent a space in London with Communal Kitchen space

Whilst talking about the kitchen, another key rule is, do not eat food unless you’re sure it is communal! Whilst many co-working spaces do offer complimentary drinks and some will provide snacks for members, be sure you know something’s snacking status before you reach into the cookie jar.

Manage your Meeting Room Slots

Meeting rooms aren’t sun loungers round the hotel pool, although these don’t need to be reserved at 6am either. You do not need to book ‘just in case’ slots in meeting rooms for throughout the day. Whilst it is not always easy to anticipate whether you may need a meeting room each day, the system works more conveniently if spaces are only booked when they are needed.

Matt says, ‘Innovatively designed spaces, with practical modern facilities such as free, high spec meeting rooms, allow our members to get the best out of their working day.

When trying to juggle all that you have going on in the day we appreciate that remembering to cancel or re-arrange a booked meeting room may not be a high priority. However, this little act of courtesy will seriously improve the meeting room system. Co-members who rent a space in London needing privacy at short notice will also certainly appreciate the effort.

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Don’t be a Bug

Whilst co-working spaces are great for networking, this is not always appropriate at all times with all people. Reading the signs, such as if somebody has their headphones on, will result in appreciation from those who are really trying to focus on work.

When you rent a space in London, centre staff will be around to help with any queries you may have. Alternatively, just looking around may provide you with an answer. Wi-Fi passwords and other such information is usually visible around the room in co-working centres. The important thing to remember is that people are there to work and that centre employees are not personal assistants.

Rent a space in London work with headphones

Benefits of co-working when you rent a space in London

Working in shared spaces can be great for small businesses and creative people. When you rent a space in London, there is plenty of support, endless connections and many inspirational people to communicate with, all within an innovative and diverse setting.

An infographic created by Wix and Officevibe shows that 70% of those in co-working space felt healthier than when working in a traditional office. The graphic also showed that 92% of people felt satisfied with their work space and 60% of people felt more relaxed in a co-working centre. This highlights the great success of co-working space and the benefits it can have on wellbeing as well as business.

A final word from Matt says, We rarely experience issues within the spaces; instead, in my experience, those within our co-working spaces are professional, courteous, and respectful of both other members, and the physical space itself. I believe this is because our members feel a sense of pride that comes from being part of a thriving community,’ emphasises how, just following some simple courtesies when you rent a space in London can enhance the wonderful co-working experience even more.

To rent a space in London with outstanding co-working facilities call one of our friendly consultants on 020 7166 7981 and help your business to grow.