How to Survive Your Daily Commute to Managed Offices in London

London King's Cross railway station

Tips on improving the way you travel to and from managed offices in London.

For many the daily commute can be a nightmare and with more and more managed offices in London becoming available day by day, the transport systems are pushed further and further. Aspects such as fellow travellers, pollution and delays can really add a lot of stress to your working day before it has even started. That said there are a few things that you can do to ensure that you travel happily and reduce the stress of getting to and from work every day.


Equip yourself with some of your favourite music whilst making your way to your managed offices in London . You could simply listen to the radio in the morning or you can listen to a selection of songs which you choose for yourself. The Spotify app for smartphones and iPods is fantastic for accessing a huge library of music without using up a large proportion of space on your device. However, when listening to music on the train or bus  try to keep others (and your own ears) in mind and keep the volume levels reasonable. Quality headphones are also important, try to use headphones which sit over the ear as opposed to inside the ear as they will cause much less long term damage to your hearing.

Spotify listen on the commute to managed offices in London

Consideration Leads to Efficiency

Whilst commuting to the office, remember that a little kindness goes a long way.  If you see someone struggling with a suitcase try to help them. This will not only be helpful but will likely speed up your commute too. This theory can be applied to a range of typical commuting incidents. Offering your seat to those in need is gracious but it could also prevent accidents. The total amount of managed offices in London (occupied and available) now reaches 9.5m sq ft. and there isn’t a day which passes without busy commuters rushing around and pilling on to the train with force, and let’s be honest, usually recklessness. This can cause many accidents but particularly to those more elderly, disabled or pregnant who many not be as robust in taking the knock. Think about giving up your seat to these people, saving them and saving a time delaying commotion.


Remember to check your travel details before you go out. If you’re using busses, trains or the underground there are services available to inform you of delays and cancellations. Apps such as Citymapper will alert you to any issues with the transport systems and the majority of these sites tend to offer you alternative routes, enabling us all to still get to our managed offices in London on time. With the amount of commuters in London, the city has a very busy and vast network of transport links with many stations within close walking proximity to one another. If your problematic connection is actually within London then check the distance of the walk. Your journey may not actually be as long as you think whilst the walk would be a de-stressing technique all of its own.

Cancelled trains commuting to managed offices in London


The morning commute is a great time to finally listen to that pod cast or to read the last juicy chapter of that book. Immersing yourself in another time and place can be a great way to de-stress whilst surrounded by strangers standing uncomfortably close to you. The world of media and art is unique and can have surprising effects on your mood. Watching something comical or listening to something uplifting and positive can not only be great for passing the time on the commute but also for creating a positive frame of mind for when your arrive at your managed offices in London.

Reading on the commute to managed offices in London

Preperation is the overall key, find what works for you and ensure you’re constantly stocked up and equipped with your de-stressing tools. Remember to help others in order to help yourself and consider that sometimes it may just be easier to walk!

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