Customer Facing Designed Office in London Could Boost Business

Savoy Street office in London

If you are inviting a client into your office in London, to set up a partnership or maybe as a potential investor, then having the right setting is the first step to securing the deal.

Our surroundings can have great influence over our mood and mind-set.  Therefore, welcoming a potential client in to a dull, dark, dirty or outdated space will immediately put you on the back foot. Equally, if you are a business that regularly invites customers in to your office in London, a recruitment firm for example, enthusing trust and respect in to your customer is key. An uninspiring office space is certainly not the way to do this.

Your Office in London Needs a Strong Design: The Facts

Research has shown that the way we feel emotionally affects the decisions we make. Consequently, having the right setting in which to welcome guests, whether it be a smart and professional or a more homely and relaxed office, is vital.

Mary C Lamia Ph.D., writing for Psychology Today explains, ‘If your brain comes across something it appraises as a “red flag,” you’ll be sent a general, vague alert in the form of the feelings and thoughts that are created by an emotion. This somewhat imprecise signal alerts you to pay attention. In this way, your emotions serve as a cueing system–an attention directing system associated with physiological changes that can prepare you to take action.’ As a result, if a client is immediately presented with a poorly fitted out office space or receives below standard treatment from reception staff, caution or uncertainty about your business and the work you do will occur before you even open your mouth.

Londonoffices have compiled a selection of offices with striking or impressive features for the customer facing business or any business intending to make a good impression.

Meeting Rooms

Octagon PointL.E.O The meeting room within this office has great views of St. Paul’s Cathedral. Hosting a meeting in a space with bountiful natural light and inspiring views of one of London’s most iconic landmarks is certain to uplift the mood of anyone who enters this office in London. The central table is designed in a marble effect and the modern building incorporates the latest technology in to its meeting rooms.

Octagon Point office in London meeting roomOctagon Point office in London meeting room

Southampton Buildings – L.E.O Externally this building is immediately striking and incorporates the grandeur and historical importance of this area of London perfectly. Upon first sight it is difficult not to feel in of awe of this office in London, instantly putting guests in a positive frame of mind.

The meeting room within this centre is also highly impressive and maintains some of the stunning original features of the building’s architecture. Its vaulted roof and grand, panelled doors can be gazed upon by up to 32 people at once. Again, this space is decked in natural light all throughout the day.

southampton buildings office in London exteriorsouthampton buildings office in London meeting room

Customer Lounges

Brook StreetHalkin This building is beautifully modern with a hint of period charm seeping in through original fireplaces and ornate detailing. The main attraction of this office in London however is the stunning lounge. It stays away from overly modern designs and comprises of classic luxury arm chairs, curtains draping over large windows and grand pillars.

A purple and light brown colour scheme runs throughout the room bringing an indulgent atmosphere to the space. Clients sitting in a meeting within this room will certainly feel relaxed and comfortable; putting them in the perfect frame of mind to listen to what your company has to offer.

Brook Street LoungeBrook Street office in London reception

Grosvenor GardensThe Boutique Workplace Company (TBWC) This lounge area is not what you would usually expect from an office in London. TBWC however focus their work spaces heavily around design, creating very memorable locations. This lounge area is homely and relaxing providing a wonderful setting in which to invite clients when you wish to leave a strong impression.

The worn-looking leather sofas fit perfectly in to the woodland theme of the room which resembles a country lodge style living space. It is easy to get lost sitting amongst the dark wooden features and charming accessories. Clients will feel calm and at ease within this unique space.

Grosvenor Gardens office in London Lounge


Dawson HouseOne Avenue Group If you are a customer facing business you may want to take note of the exceptional welcome which guests receive within this office in London. There are two receptionists on duty throughout the business day meaning that someone is always free to leave the desk. This allows staff to escort visitors in to the beautifully lavish and very modern lounge. Clients will then be offered a fresh coffee from a state of the art coffee machine.

There is no better way to make a great first impression than to treat someone like royalty when they enter a building. Dawson House’s reception area itself is also beautifully decorated. Coloured lighting runs the length of the floor and ceiling guiding guests up to the desk while unique ceiling lights create a very bright and inviting atmosphere.

Daswon House office in London Living RoomDawson House office in London Reception

Salesforce TowerLandmark Plc One benefit of taking space within a high rise office in London is the stunning receptions. Clients are immediately presented with incredible architecture before they even enter a high rise office space. Then, upon walking inside they are greeted with a 5* hotel standard reception designed to instantly impress.

Displayed behind the welcoming receptionist in Salesforce Tower is an immense tank showcasing a selection of remarkable looking fish. This adds a very calming, tranquil feel to the building. To the left of this, there is a selection of sleek cream leather sofas arranged around contemporary coffee tables adorned with magazines to accommodate waiting guests in the most comfortable way.

Heron Tower office in London ReceptionHeron Tower office in London Reception

Londonoffices have plenty of wonderful work spaces perfectly crafted to impress both employees and clients. Considering how a potential client or guest will perceive your office in London is very important to the success of future business deals. Taking inspiration from these amazing offices when deliberating over a new home for your business could have very positive consequences.


If you’re looking for a new office in London with an appearance to represent you as a business then Londonoffices will find the perfect option for you!

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