Dirty Desks in Your London Office Costs Businesses £3.4bn a Year

Research has shown that dirty desks in your London office are costing firms a fortune. Swab test research by an office supplies company reveals shocking statistics about the state of the nation’s office components.

Office supplies firm Viking have conducted a poll that has revealed that UK businesses could lose over £3.4bn in the coming Winter months as a result of illnesses such as flu and the common cold, with dirty and moldy desks and contagious keyboards within the average London office being to blame.

Dr Lisa Ackerley, a charted environmental health practitioner said: This research has shown that there are some very unhygienic desks right now in the UK, which is very worrying those who work in ope plan offices tend to starting coming down with illnesses this time of year.”

“Keeping equipment such as keyboards, phones and desks as germ free as possible is even more important during the cold and flu season,” she added.

illness within a London office

The research involved taking over 300 workspace swabs and Viking found that bacteria and in some cases mould were found on many London office keyboards.

It also concluded that many London office workers were unaware of the true extent to which keyboards, phones and even computer screens can produce an ideal breeding ground for bugs.

Furthermore research discovered that IT workers were the worst offenders with a generally heavy cultivation of keyboards, whilst Accountants and Lawyers followed closely behind, whilst social workers were more likely to have mouldy food on their desks.

Whilst just over half of London office workers were not aware that bacteria could be lurking on their keyboards, phones and screens, and two-thirds of employees admitted to eating their lunches at their desks and not clearing their workstation afterwards.

London office Desk Lunch

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