Dress Smart yet Savvy in the Unpredictable Hot Weather

Men's Summer Suit

As disappointing as it may be, hot weather in our drizzly country is rare and when it does finally appear most of us do not know how to deal with it. Well fear not, knowing that business doesn’t stop when the sun comes out, Londonoffices has compiled some great tips to keep you cool when doing anything from flying, to dining out with clients this summer.

Key Materials to Keeping Cool

Firstly, it is important to think about the materials you wear when the weather gets warmer. Obviously, I don’t expect to find wool and towelling in your summer wardrobe however, there are some less obvious fabrics that you should be aware of before the mercury rises.

Cotton and linen are the most obvious summer staples but there are certain materials with a specific weight, weave and composition specifically designed to keep you cool and most importantly, looking sharp during the hotter months.

Materials including seersucker and hopsack are great for letting the skin breathe while still looking smart and stylish. Seersucker is woven in alternating stripes of density to provide a crinkled effect that prevents the fabric from lying flush with the skin, hence allowing for greater air circulation.

business wear keep cool during summer

Hopsack is an open weave fabric that has similar breathability to pure linen however, it is much more resistant to creasing and crinkling, ideal for smart suits and trousers. This is particularly helpful if your business event requires a long journey or even a flight in the hot weather.

Stayong cool and smart throughout summer

Just this Once, Ignore the Details

A main aspect of men’s fashion is often an enemy of hot weather and that is tailoring. The attention to detail in men’s suits is what makes them stand out from the crowd, separating the well-made from the barely thought about pieces.

Linings, trimmings, extra stitching and pockets are just some of the features that, whether you realise it or not, create the most debonair look. However, summer is the one time to forget all that you know and avoid these qualities at all cost. It may sound bizarre but trust me, the rules don’t apply during the summer, and I’m not just talking fashion!

Heavy detailing in heat simply leads to one thing – garments destined to leave you hot and lagging. Aim for deliberately unstructured pieces and steer well clear of extraneous padding and canvasing. Check out Italian brands such as Barena, Altea and Aspesi for the ideal cut.

Keeping cool in Aspesi through hot weather

Choose Colours and Patterns Wisely in Hot Weather

Wearing a tight fitting shirt on smart occasions is often unavoidable. We are all way too familiar with those horrendous patches that can appear on a hot summers day and there is no worse time for this to occur then when trying to seem cool and collected on a business trip. Avoiding this altogether is impossible but there are a few hacks that we can all use to mask these marks as much as possible.

Mainly, never wear black. Black is a magnet to heat, absorbing the sun’s rays like a sponge in the sea. The best option is to go for a white alternative or something with a dense pattern. Both are great at hiding those unforgiving perspiration prints.

Patterned shirts for staying cool through hot weather

Prepare for the Variety of Climates

The final piece of advice for staying equipped and comfortable during summer business trips is to layer up and prepare for the variety of climates you’re likely to face. When in and out of meetings, restaurants and transport stops all day, it is likely that you will be moving from heavily air-conditioned buildings to stuffy stations and powerful burst of sunshine.

Wearing lightweight layers and carrying a smart bag to store them in is a must when out for business during the summer. Choose fine cottons and linens as a base while shell blazers are the perfect option for outerwear. Wear them with pleated trousers to maintain a sharp finish with easy movement.

Pleated trousers staying cool in hot weather

Preparation is always key. Ensuring you have the right materials and the right cut will see you cool all through summer. Remain unruffled while impressing clients on even the muggiest days.