East London’s Regeneration Six Years Prior to the Olympic Games

Regeneration around Olympic Park

When the announcement came that the 2012 Olympic Games was to take place in London, excitement grew over what this would mean for the city. Regeneration of the chosen location was thrillingly inevitable. Now, six years after the completion of the games, Londonoffices looks back to see what the spectacular event has meant for East London and its people.

Regeneration of the Olympic Park

Of course, the biggest development that came from the event was that of the 1.2 million sq. ft. Olympic Park. Bigger than Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens put together, the site is one of London’s most ambitious regeneration projects. The various buildings and sites that served as Olympic venues now make up the Here East development. Here East is a diverse setting that brings together business, tech, media and education to create a unique cultural hub.

Here East regeneration development

In recent years, East London has developed itself a reputation for being a place of innovation, leading start-ups and tech-giants to flock to the region thanks to its industrious culture. What’s more, new rail lines and transport links connecting the area to St. Pancras in just seven minutes have made it one of the best connected places in London.

Educational Hub

Even more recently, Mayor Sadiq Khan has placed cultural education as a central focus for the East London area. Many iconic institutions including the V&A, London College of Fashion, University College London, Sadler’s Wells and America’s Smithsonian Institute are already working to further improve the facilities in this location.

In addition, the six universities in the area provide a constant stream of talent running through the region. This may be a contributing factor to the numerous office providers who have developed business centres in the locality.

Growing Population

Aside from Here East, the population of East London is rapidly growing. Currently there is a 170,000 more residents in the area than projected in 2013. New business centres, neighbourhoods and leisure sites are constantly developing making the area attractive to both work and live. What was once a rundown region, drowning in industrial wasteland is today alive with sport, culture and business.

The regeneration of this area has also seen its aesthetics transformed with over 4,000 new trees planted and an array of rivers, canals and parkland to enjoy. Thousands of new homes and offices have also arisen to accommodate the growing population. This includes Georgian-style terraces in the northern quarter of the Olympic park, Scandinavian-style houses along the waterways to the south and eco-friendly accommodation in the East Village.

Here East wetlands

Serviced Offices in East London

As for business centres, an array of new office providers have jumped on the ever developing culture within the area and produced functional, creative workspace with a community focused vibe.

One of the newest providers on the East London block is Areaworks. Their tag line reads, ‘A co-working community open in your area, for your area.’ This perfectly defines the ethos of not only these offices but the surrounding neighbourhood also. Areaworks focus on supporting the growth and success of those who chose their offices and they operate with a ‘the door is always open’ approach.

Areaworks office space

Work.Life are another provider well known for their creative, intimate workspaces where community is key. Their strategy is to keep things focused. They develop a tight-knit unit of creative people all working with and bouncing off one another. Their office space on Sidworth Street in London Fields is no different.

Work.Life London Fields

Co-working giants, WeWork have too taken office space in East London on Mare Street following the recent regeneration. Well known for their large, vibrant and laid back offices, communal spaces such as kitchens and lounge areas are the heart of each centre.

WeWork London Fields

Last but certainly not least, Kreativ House are a provider that are bringing a luxury feel to East London with their Mare Street office. Their spaces are very chic and attractive with a unique twist. The centre’s plain walls, covered in work from local artists highlight the creative, community focused culture of  East London now.

Kreativ House

The progression and change that has come about in East London over the past six years is highly impressive. Brought about by the Olympic Village, East London has continued to grow and develop beyond all expectations. We are excited to see what the future holds for this blossoming region.