PwC Create Unique Energy Efficient Office in London Using Cooking Oil

energy efficient office

PwC to power energy efficient office with cooking oil.

Recycled cooking oils used to power PwC London offices.

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has signed a new deal to power its London headquarters with over 45,000 litres of cooking oil.

The oil will be sourced from restaurants and businesses across the area. It will then be collected by Arrow Oil and sent to a local refinery. PwC has installed a cutting edge tri-generation facility on their London office.

“When you think of green technologies you don’t think of used oil from a kitchen but the reality is these technologies offered us a real low carbon alternative to traditional fuel,” commented Jon Barnes, head of building and facilities service at PwC.

The company will use the equivalent of 9,000 chip pans’ worth of oil a month. This will power two generators that will provide 25% of the building’s electricity as well as 20% of the energy needed for heating and cooling. All in all, a quarter of the energy needed to run the building will be produced on site by the oil creating a highly energy efficient office.

energy efficient office

PwC has worked closely with its catering partner ARAMARK to obtain supplies from the surrounding areas.

“It was an ambitious plan, when you realise a small restaurant might use 10 to 20 litres a week, and you see the scale of the deal we’re talking about, for just one site,” said Mr Barnes.

PwC have already taken a range of other measures to create an energy efficient office. For instance the water is heated by solar panels. The company has set a target reduction of 25% per square meter in the office, currently it has achieved 16%.

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