Focus On: Euston Flexible Office Space – Facebook’s New Home

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Convenient, central and well-connected, Euston has begun attracting the attention of big-name companies like Facebook and Twitter to its flexible office space. Worth a look? Read our focus piece to find out.

A brief history of Euston

Ever since it was opened in the first half of the nineteenth-century, Euston has been a key transport hub for London, providing a connection with major cities to the north including Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow. Fast-forward to 2013, and it still plays a crucial role in maintaining this connection with some of the UK’s biggest regional cities.


With the introduction of the Eurostar terminus at St Pancras International (just ten minutes’ walk away), Euston is now also a busy transport hub for travellers on their way to mainland Europe by train.

What’s going on in Euston now?

The biggest development story around Euston right now is the planned high-speed rail route between London and Birmingham in the first phase, extending to Manchester and Leeds in phase two. Euston is planned as the southern terminus for the HS2 route, the first phase of which is due to open to passengers in 2026.

In addition to HS2, The Euston Area Plan – currently in draft form having gone through the public consultation phase – outlines aims to redevelop the area, making the most of the forthcoming HS2 route and the extensive regeneration of nearby King’s Cross Central.

Who’s here?

Transport companies, which have traditionally been occupants of flexible office space in the Euston area, can still be found here, along with a number of professional services companies spanning everything from auditors to software solutions.

More recently, the area is becoming increasingly popular with tech companies – particularly those with larger requirements for office space. Facebook is set to move into offices at Regent’s Place, while Twitter is also rumoured to be looking for space within the Euston/King’s Cross area.

But there is room for smaller businesses too, thanks to the wide range of flexible office space – including serviced offices and co-working options – within the area. Combined with the transport links, these have helped to make the area an attractive and feasible prospect for SMEs too.

Melton Street flexible office space

Flexible office space

Euston is home to plenty of office space, much of which is just a stone’s throw from the station and contained within modern, high-rise buildings which also give workers panoramic views over the city.

Those looking for flexible office space will find plenty of choice, from business centres like this one on the Euston Road, to this office block on Melton Street opposite the station. Meanwhile, these offices on Euston Street provide a bright, contemporary business environment for small and medium-sized businesses. And while the area is dominated by modern architecture, period properties providing flexible office space can be found, such as this business centre which is opposite the British Library.

Euston Road flexible office space

What next for Euston?

If the draft Euston Area Plan is approved, by 2031 the area will offer 7,700 new jobs across the corporate, creative, innovative and science sectors. In a bid to attract these industries to the area, the plan is to build a selection of new flexible office space, the majority in the area around Euston Station.

In order to create a diverse business community, this will include space for large corporates, as well as SME-suitable space, plus business hubs providing offices, conferencing facilities and networking space. There will also be provision specifically for the scientific sector, with space which integrates laboratories and clinical facilities.

In addition to the Euston Area Plan, Euston is also likely to benefit from the buzz around neighbouring King’s Cross where the ten-year King’s Cross Central plan is set to dramatically regenerate the area. New occupants set to move into the area include Google, which has chosen the location for its ambitious new London HQ. With high-profile businesses like this nearby, it’s easy to see why Facebook and Twitter have got Euston in their sights.

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