Famous London Office Spaces Featuring Unimaginable Fun!

Fun London office interiors

Décor within London office spaces has in recent years seen a slow departure from the bleak white or cream colour schemes typical within so many workplaces. Many bosses now understand the importance of colour and texture within the areas in which we spend so much of our days. However, creative, tech and gaming companies seem to be the front runners when it comes to creative and employee focused London office space.

Google specifically are known worldwide for their unique and extravagantly decorative offices and place the emphasis on the wellbeing of their employees in the hopes that a positive environment will produce inspired work.  Below, Londonoffices have compiled their favourite quirks from a number of London office spaces from across the city.

Mind Candy, the games company who created Moshi Monsters says their business aim is to ‘create worlds that fire the imagination.’ Their London office in Shoreditch stimulates the imagination of their employees with a work space which features a treehouse and grassy play areas. Their infamous Moshi Monsters are also littered throughout the interior of the building.

MIND CANDY London office logo

Whilst Facebook prefer to keep the interiors of their offices up to our imaginations, one amazing perk of their London office on Euston Road is the free sweets bar with brownies and chocolate-dipped strawberries. What better way to induce innovation than through a sugar fuelled Eureka moment?

Unruly Media have combined what they do best with a novel and fun form of exercise. Their London office in Whitechapel features a climbing wall where developers have coded an AR game over the top. The game entails catching falling pandas (the Unruly mascot) and avoiding dropping rocks as you climb.

Unruly have also accommodated for the introverts of their London office by providing a more tranquil setting designed to bring about creative ideas. Known as Narnia, Unruly employees enter the room through a Smeg fridge door rather than a wardrobe to discover a cool and calm atmosphere in which to ponder, relax or conduct private conversations.

Unruly Media logo London office

Google’s London office in Soho has a unique feature which allows employees to clear their minds whilst helping the environment at the same time. Allotment patches on the 9th floor are available to employees via a waiting list. Those who don’t tend their gardens with optimum love and attention will lose the privilege and the next person on the list gets their slot.

Google’s London office in Kings Cross is another display of magnificent creative design and really showcases their emphasis on employee wellbeing. Uniquely, this building features a running track around the outskirts of the gym.

Google office space interiors

Red Bull incorporates some vibrant and distinctive breakout areas throughout its Southwark based London office however there is one particularly fun feature of this space. Employees can chose to trade in their red bull wings and make a swift decline to the bottom floor via the office’s central slide. This brings a mini adrenaline boost to each day and wakes up the creative side of the brain.

FCB Inferno Advertising Agency’s London office presents a very stylish work space. The vibrant colours and quirky décor found in most offices on this list are not as prevalent at Inferno, instead calming muted tones and attractive furniture gives a tranquil and chic vibe to the London office. They are not however all work and no play; along with a bar for employees to socialise and unwind there is also an ice cream machine to unlock the inner child and give your creative mind a treat.

Bizzby, a Smartphone app company, really went to town with the interior design of their London office in Shoreditch. Forget standing desks and bean bags for innovation, Bizzy have opted for swings suspended from the ceiling to get the creative juices flowing.

Bizzby logo london office

Living Social who supply online discounts and packages for everything from retail, health and wellbeing, restaurants, activities, education and much more have designed their London office to reflect the company in the most creative of ways. Break out spaces and waiting rooms have been transformed to represent different aspects of their services. One of our favourites is the beach themed lounging area complete with deckchairs and palm trees.

The success of companies such as these says a lot for the benefits of a creative work environment, particularly those who base the office around the well being of their employees. Mark Rhodes, director of marketing at recruitment firm Reed told The Guardian recently, ‘The most successful businesses are those that engender creative thinking and develop environments where everyone generates ideas, has a voice, asks questions and challenges the norm.’ The basic message is simply that employees who receive the greatest employer care perform the best at their jobs.

Designing the office in way which actually fulfils this aim however is not always as simple. Experimenting with new decor is all part of the process but we hope that you are now inspired to revamp the office and create a stronger business.

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