Debenhams Sales Figures Find Office Space in London Homes is Rising

Debenhams find office space in London homes is rising

Retail company Debenhams have revealed new sales figures that find office space in London homes is on the rise.

The demand for office furniture such as compact desks, filing cabinets and office chairs has risen to 340 percent in the last year alone.

The company believe this is because people are setting up their own businesses rather than searching for new employment after job cuts.

“While redundancy is never good news, for many it will be the push they have needed to take the plunge and set up their own company. Judging from past history, there’s no doubt that many of tomorrow’s highly successful entrepreneurs are currently to be found running their very first business from the corner of their own living room,” commented Debenhams spokesperson Carie Barkhuizen.

The most popular items being sold are expensive office chairs and small triangular shaped work stations which are designed to fit unobtrusively into room corners.

find office space in London outside of the home

“Working from home reduces the cost of running a business dramatically, enabling new comers to undercut even established rivals in every sector of commerce,” said Carie Barkhuizen.

Setting up a home office does have its financial advantages as you will save on rental costs as well as commuting expenses. However, some people cannot take the stress of having their work and home life in the same place. If this is the case, looking to find office space in London through a shared business centre is a cheap and convenient alternative.

Debenhams was founded in 1778 and has grown into one of the leading commercial retail companies  in the UK with 153 stores across the country. Recently they have been working with designer Ben De Lisi to release a new line of clothing to support the charity Centrepoint.

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