Forget Fashion Week: 5 Trends Rocking the London Office Scene

Shepherd's Bush Office Space Lobby

With London Fashion Week just round the corner, we thought it was about time to introduce the office trends we think will be big in London in Spring/Summer 2014…

1. Groundscrapers are the new skyscrapers

On the catwalk, navy is the new black; in the world of offices, groundscrapers could be set to replace skyscrapers as the architectural statement du jour.

With the Shard still mostly empty, the Pinnacle on pause and most recently, news that the Walkie-Talkie’s highly reflective surface is melting cars parked nearby, it looks like more and more developers will be looking to the example of Google’s forthcoming HQ at King’s Cross.

2. Midtown on the up?

Midtown might be a huge area, but thanks to a series of big developments it might finally be getting the attention it deserves.

Google’s planned HQ has raised the profile of King’s Cross, just as Amazon’s move to Sixty London is doing for Holborn. Meanwhile, development work at Euston, particularly in conjunction with high-speed rail link HS2, is also helping to stimulate interest in the area.

With rents across much of Midtown still significantly lower than across the West End, and the chance to join the likes of Google and Amazon, it could be the office location of choice for a growing number of businesses.

3. Shoreditch style still strong

Despite the detractors, the buzz around Tech City in Shoreditch is still going strong. Office space is more highly sought after than ever, but there’s also a greater variety of space on offer – from private offices to incubator space and tech friendly co-working options.

Discover some of the latest options here.

4. Co-working – the new way to work

…Speaking of which – it’s never been cooler to co-work. This trend might have started with the tech-set, but it’s soon caught the imagination of a wider community of workers from entrepreneurs to fashionistas.

Leading fashion designers like Holly Fulton and Lou Dalton are doing it at The Trampery’s Hackney site, while over in Euston, commuting CEOs and entrepreneurs are making use of club lounge facilities. Some of the most fashion-forward co-working spaces can be found at Angel, Islington, which are achingly on-trend right now.

5. Designer space on the up

As the style capital of the UK, design has always been high on the London agenda, but we’ve noticed increasingly high presentation standards among London office buildings of late. It’s the new way to catch would-be tenants’ attention – and it’s just as important among serviced office options (see image top) as in conventional office space.

In particular, space in the capital is getting quirkier – we’re intrigued to see how far this trend could go.

What other office trends have you spotted in London? Share your ideas with us in the comments.

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