The Shocking Future of Technology and Our Need to Digitally Detox

Advancing Tech - Digital Detox

In a very short space of time technology has erupted into our lives in an unprecedented way and for many of us, going about our jobs and daily lives would now be impossible without the aid of computers, smart phones and the internet.

Despite rapid advancement, the tech-world is still progressing at an eye-watering pace and new innovations are more cutting-edge than ever. However, it is also important to remember that while technology is seemingly improving our lives, our efficiency and our connectivity, our addiction to screens and scrolling may actually be detrimental to our overall wellbeing.

The Future Evolution of Tech

According to a Facebook post by Udo Gollub, the CEO of 17 Minute Languages, over the next few years, revolutionary new technology currently under development will completely transform our lives. Software will disrupt most traditional industries in the same way that Uber has changed taxi servicing and Airbnb has changed the hotel business. Both companies are simply software and neither own a taxi nor a hotel between them.

The post also claims that by 2030 computers will become more intelligent than humans. This therefore, reduces the need for bodies in businesses and in-turn reduces issues caused by human error. While numerous jobs will disappear due to innovation such as this, many new, unexposed jobs will also become available through this technological evolution. Optimistically, these new positions will feature less stress and pressures than currently felt in many roles.

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How Technology Currently Impacts Our Lives

At present, technology places a lot of pressure on individuals. Since the introduction of apps, smart phones and tablets into businesses, expectations of multi-tasking and speed have become quite unrealistic. However, multi-tasking causes a constant shift in attention that will ultimately negatively impact performance; no one job is receiving the concentration it deserves leaving no task completed to the best of a person’s ability. Handing over control to technology will counteract all of this.

As well as stress and time pressures, constant e-mails, social notifications, group chats and the temptation of being able to shop anywhere, anytime means that our work days can often become unfocussed and fruitless. Technology should enhance not distract us from our lives. However, for many, the age we currently live in is a 24/7 battle, juggling work, life and relationships. Intensifying demands on our time are grappling with our online OCD.

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A Technological Refocus

Perhaps the future of a harmonious, technology-centred lifestyle means distance from rose-tinted social media platforms and a focus on advancements such as those mentioned by Gollub. He even talks of the evolution of our commute, referencing the transformation of cities through the introduction of autonomous cars.

Autonomous Driving Technology

Around 2020, according to Gollub, the car manufacturing industry will face major disruption. Soon, people will not own cars but call them with their phones. There’s no need for parking, and passengers will only pay for the distance of their journey. This allows employees to be productive while they travel, possibly reducing working hours and providing more free time.

Take a Digital Detox

However, if we are to be trusted with more free time, we need to use it wisely. Of course, social media can be a platform for expression, inspiration and education, nonetheless it can also lead to anxiety. Heavily filtered perceptions of happiness on social media can lead to depreciation in our own lives. As advised at, ‘“comparison is the thief of joy” so resist the temptation to mindlessly scroll; when you go online do so with intent.

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So, while it seems there is plenty of innovation on the horizon to positively impact the way we live and do business, it is still important to stay physically and emotionally in tune with the real world through it all.