Gadgets to the Rescue – Shocking Truth about Office Radiation

Visible Radiation Image

Almost every hour of everyday we will be checking our phones, using Wi-Fi or starring at a screen. Although our devices have highly convenient benefits, at work, when travelling or for simply staying in the know, could the tech that we love so much actually be detrimental to our health?

How does Radiation Affect the Body?

Phones and laptops, although hardly ever switched off, come with harmful radiation. This radiation is widely believed to be having a worrying impact on our health. The radio waves emitted by certain electronic devises create an electromagnetic field which, our bodies absorb. This leads to a series of damaging side-effects and whilst we know that electromagnetic radiation is harmful, what’s troubling is that the long term effects are still yet to be fully uncovered.

Radiation can effect everything from skin pigmentation to reproduction to aging.

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Damage and Prevention – Reproductive Organs

As discussed in an article by The Telegraph, men whose laptops sit close to their reproductive organs while connected to the Wi-Fi are at high risk of significantly reducing their sperm count. It seems a little counterproductive to say that a ‘lap-top’ should not be on your lap, particularly in the modern office of breakout space and lounge areas but the danger to parenthood is real. So what can you do? Well EMRSS Prosheild may be the answer. Able to shields all electromagnetic radiation and block all low frequency radiation, it makes perfect sense to pop this beneath your laptop whenever using it on your knee.

Electromagnetic Aging

It’s not just men however that need to be cautious. There is also evidence to support the idea that exposure to electromagnetic radiation could be causing us to age beyond our years. We have all experienced our fair share of anxiety, many of us on a daily basis but scientist believe that more than just the workload can be to blame for office stress. Radiation can actually cause an imbalance within humans that leads to something known as oxidative stress, resulting in dramatic aging on the body that no miracle cream can fix.

Aged Hands on a Laptop

Pigment Damage

Then there is the skin itself. It is alarming to think that even something as insignificant as excess heat could be causing serious damage to the delicate pigmentation in our skin. In a similar way that the sun’s rays can lead to serious skin disorders, over exposure to the heat from a laptop can be highly dangerous.

Prevent Talking Yourself Deaf

Now, a laptop may be something you leave behind at the end of your working day but you’re fooling nobody if you say the same about your phone. Whether it’s a catch up with a friend or hours of online shopping and social surfing, most of us spend a lot of time on our phones. However, our little handheld friends aren’t as good for our health as they may be for our social lives.

Radiation is a major cause of inner ear damage including anything from tinnitus to hearing loss and phantom clicks. Research shows direct correlations between time spent on the phone and the presence of these symptoms. Anywhere from a mere 30 minutes per day can cause such damages.

Multiple Mobile Phones Radiation

On the bright side, you now have the perfect excuse to ignore that unwelcome call, but on a serious note, looking in to phone cases such as those by WaveWall is well worth your time. Claiming to reduce mobile radiation by 85% they will help you chat the day away without the worry.

Stop Radiation Induced Sleep Loss

If you are somebody who struggles to sleep at night, this may be another impact of radiation. Screens radiate blue light that sits at the far end of the colour spectrum and can cause harmful damage not only to the retina but to sleep cycles also. Over exposure to blue light could even lead to blurring or vision loss as well as headaches and neck pain.

Switching off an hour before bed may seem like a great sacrifice but the benefits are huge; think of how much more you could get done with a solid night’s sleep. If the issue is a particular problem for you, consider investing in a product such as Canadian brand Specktrum’s stylish anti-radiation glasses – they’re sleek and tint free so no yellow outlook on the world.

Radiation Blocking Glasses

Natural Radiation Remedies

As well as the high-techy gizmos mentioned throughout this article, there are some less expensive and more natural ways to protect yourself from radiation. At least four household/office plants including Aloe vera, Cactus, Sansevieria and Stone Lotus Flower have proven to help absorb and dissolve some EMF Radiation, as well as some toxins and indoor pollution; as if you needed an excuse to buy another one.

Office Cactus Reducing Radiation

Finally, a favourite of all health fanatics, Himalayan salt. Now we’re not encouraging you to consume it or bathe in it this time but Himalayan salt lamps and their negative ions are a great force against radiation. Although still under research, many believe the lamp’s negative ions work to maintain an ionic balance in the home or office, cancelling out some of the exposure to EMF radiation. Still, if this doesn’t work, their positive impact on improving mood is well known.

The unseen side effects of the things we use every day is shocking and to be honest, a little worrying. It is no wonder that preventative products are becoming increasingly available and advanced in today’s world. Investing in products like those listed above could not only block radiation but improve your health and possibly your life. Why not check them out.