Google’s Victoria Office Space Receives Quirky New Redesign

Google Victoria office space

Google redesign their unique Victoria office space. The search engine’s headquarters see its fourth floor turned into some extraordinary work space.

Search engine masters Google have completely revamped the fourth floor of their London headquarters.

The company have allowed their engineers, who are all based on the fourth floor, to design every aspect of the project in the London Victoria office space. The results have revealed a work area that resembles a completely different technological age to stereotypical office space.

The floor boasts four restaurants including tapas and sushi and a coffee lab which features 19 different blends of coffee that are free of charge to staff – all of this is aimed to get optimum performance out of the fourth floor workers.

Unlike other traditional offices, Google’s Victoria office space has computer games, a pool table and a music room where staff can record their own songs. Some walls are even made entirely of whiteboards so engineers are able to jot down any thoughts as soon as they think of them.

The interior of the Victoria office space is a complete contrast to the exterior as Google’s headquarters are based in one of the area’s most traditional looking buildings. The floor in question is also nothing like the usual office space décor; there isn’t a drab brown desk with a computer and a phone in sight.

Google Victoria office space seating area

Of the redevelopment of the floor, Google UK’s Engineering Director, David Singleton said: “Google has always believed that inspiring environments create inspired ideas. Our engineers come up with these brilliant ideas, so we figured they’d want to design their perfect office space.”

Strangely, the project has seen a park become the centre piece of the Victoria office space which has deck chairs for added effect – the aim of this is to make workers feel relaxed and comfortable.

The complete fourth floor overhaul was led by Android’s Lead Designer Henrique Penha who said: “It’s about function, making it better for the engineers day to day, and how we go about creating, inventing and building – we wanted to give it a ‘Googley’ feel.

“Making it feel like it’s not an office was part of the brief. The meeting rooms have sofas, making them more laid- back. Forcing people to sit differently can help them to think differently.”