Green and orange offices brighten up Central London

The exterior of the Central Saint Giles office development is to be bright green and orange in an attempt to stand out from dreary office blocks.

The 500,000 square feet office development is to be near Covent Garden and Oxford Street, and is being designed with media and marketing companies in mind.

However some have suggested that Renzo Piano (the architect) is an unusual choice for the design as he usually avoids bright colours and much prefers to design neutral buildings with natural materials.

Nevertheless the design seems to be gaining critical approval.

This is because it seems not just to be about quality but about modern quality. For example the design will be open, transparent and let as much light in as possible.

Whilst at the same time the winter gardens will ensure that the building does not just become a sterile office space.

The exterior will be an outer shell of green and orange glazed ceramics, rather than the standard glass or plastic, in order to give a certain modern quality and richness to the development.

Once finished the building will have above average ceiling height, bright light filled recesses and projections, winter gardens on each floor and luxurious roof terraces.

Legal & General Investment Company and the Japanese company Mitsubishi currently own the site, but it is unclear if they will be taking offices once the building is complete.