Corporate Gyms within Office Space in London: Why and Where

office space in London gym

As an employer you may not consider a healthy lifestyle for your employees your responsibility. However, there are a surprising amount of benefits for businesses who reflect a healthy ethos in to their work environments. Providers of office space in London have certainly recognised these benefits with many now featuring corporate gyms within their work spaces.

Blowing off steam, exercising the muscles – including the brain and improving overall feelings of satisfaction are all benefits of having a gym within an office space in London. Supplying a place to work out and unwind in a convenient setting which people access every day is the easiest way to encourage employees to be more active.

In turn, productivity in the workplace is increased, absenteeism is decreased and concentration amongst employees is prolonged. Uplift in mood is also a welcome side effect of regular exercise meaning a happier and more pleasant workforce and office environment.

BE Offices
Threadneedle Street

This Threadneedle Street office is definitely top of the list when it comes to unique exercise settings throughout office space in London. The gym, free to use for all clients, sits within the old bank vault of the building, formally the Bank of New South Wales, dating from the 1880s! Entering via the large vault door provides an instant inspiration boost.

Threadneedle Street office space in London gymThreadneedle Street office space in London Gym door

A great range of equipment is available and there are even plans to expand the current set up to incorporate a separate area for spinning bikes. Entertainment in the form of music and TV is also provided for added motivation.

In addition, BE Offices are promoting a healthy attitude throughout their wider portfolio of office space in London. Free weekly personal training sessions are now available to clients within their Minories, Royal Exchange and Threadneedle Street business centres.

Cannon Green

Ocubis’ office space upon Bush Lane has branched out and provided its clients a gym experience courtesy of the revolutionary Gym Box. Well known for mesmerizing interiors which combines LED lights with plenty of raw materials such as concrete and steel, Gym Box provides an extremely invigorating environment.

Ocubis office space in London StrengthOcubis office space in London Yoga

The unique classes with nightly resident DJ’s including Lactic Jungle, Loaded Yoga and Bartendaz makes working out fun. More similar to a night out dancing with friends, with perhaps a little more intensity, than an exercise class, it is no surprise that clients of this office space in London return to these classes time and time again!

The Office Group
Henry Wood and Albert House

As previously mentioned in our article ‘Employees of Serviced Offices in London Seek Healthy Work Lifestyle’ The Office Group (TOG) has capitalised on the benefits that a healthy office space in London can bring for both employees and businesses. Their two latest office buildings, Henry Wood and Albert House have ‘Work It’ gyms incorporated within them.

Office space in London with a gym

Work It gyms offer personal training from highly regarded professionals. Being based within TOG centres the team is well accustomed to the needs and availability of the modern day, busy professional. Their goals are to give clear advice to all clients on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Those who run the gyms pride themselves on providing a great support network similarly to the community within TOG’s office space in London generally.

Lenta Business Centres
Brune Street

Lenta are one provider who really knows how to encourage a healthy work lifestyle. Their gym membership is free! Offering free access to the gym at Brune Street, Lenta makes keeping healthy easier than ever. The vibrant red interiors infuse energy in to the room and lift spirits before you even step foot on a treadmill.

Lenta office space in London gym

Sitting within the basement area, the room is very quiet and cut off from the rest of the office. This ensures that switching off from work and really engaging in your workout is as easy as it can be. Quiet, energised and free! What more could you ask for from a gym within your office space in London.

Not having a gym within the office however doesn’t mean that exercising cannot be convenient. Within the modern day many people face the struggle of juggling their work, parental commitments and social lives around their work outs.

That’s where organisations such as London Muscle (LNDM) come in. Their regimes are specifically designed with busy lives in mind. Founded by two sets of brothers who have first-hand experience in upholding a healthy lifestyle around their education, work and friends, their exercise plans as well as their nutritional advice is revolutionary for busy, modern day people.

So whether you’re an employer considering the features of a potential new office space in London, or an employee looking to join a business that cares about your well-being, having a gym within the office is a good sign for both.

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