Handbag designer Mulberry to consolidate office space and move to single London premise

Handbag designer and retailer Mulberry is finalising plans to move its head office to a single space allowing it to scrap its two existing London offices in a bid for expansion.

Selling off its Shepherd’s Bush and New Bond Street offices will consolidate the firm’s scattered office space.The company is rumoured to be moving to a new 36, 000 square foot premise after searching for office space since June.

The building will also contain a  showroom displaying its expensive handbag creations that fetch over the hundred pound mark with ease.

A new location close to Claridge’s restaurant, noted for its hot tempered head chef Gordon Ramsey, has also been finalised as the firm’s next flagship store. The relocation will provide a “much stronger and coherent presentation of the entire Mulberry range” said the company.

The company has signed a 25 year lease for 50 New Bond Street, which it hopes to move into by December. The current store at 41-42 Bond Street will then close.

The rent for the new property will measure in at £1.4 million a year.

The high end fashion firm has had celebrities, such TV presenter Alexa Chung, design handbags for it.