How can video networking benefit my business?

Video networking from the office.

Benefits and disadvantages of video networking for business.

These days a lot of companies are doing everything they can to save some money in the overall budget. As a result of this more and more people are starting to take advantage of social networking and video networking. Whilst these relatively simple tools have been around for some time it seems that only now are companies starting to take full advantage of their business potential.

Firstly, the main advantage that video networking provides is that you don’t have to leave the office and therefore save money on travel and fuel expenses. It also means that employees don’t have to travel around the country as much for important sales pitches. This is because video networking allows the user to fully illustrate their point and some programs will even allow for the transfer of files and graphics.

Another key benefit is the time saved through using social and video networking. As the employee doesn’t have to leave the office this means that they don’t have to factor as much time into their daily routine in order to have a meeting. This means that extra time can be spent on projects and work that would usually be spent on the road or on public transport.

However, some people find that video networking is not right for their company. Sales professionals in particular usually prefer to stick to the usual face to face meetings. This is because some find it hard to portray their personality due to the limitations of video networking. That said recent advances and the growing trend for group chats on sites such as Google+ could really have an affect on how people meet and network in business.

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