How to survive your daily commute

Improving your morning commute.

Tips on improving the way you travel to and from work.

For many office workers the daily commute can be a nightmare. Aspects such as fellow travellers, pollution and delays can really add a lot of stress to your working day before its even started. That said there are a few things that you can do to ensure that you travel happily and reduce the stress of getting to and from work every day.

Firstly equip yourself with some decent music. You could simply listen to the radio in the mornings or you can choose to listen to your own tunes. The Spotify app for smartphones and iPods is fantastic for this as you can access a huge library of music and it won’t take up any space on your device. However, when listening to music on the train or bus try to keep others (and your own ears) in mind and keep the volume levels reasonable. Decent headphones are also important, try to get over the ear as opposed to buds as they will cause much less long term damage to your hearing. 

Secondly whilst commuting to the office remember that a little kindness goes a long way.  If you see someone struggling with a suitcase try to help them. This will not only be helpful but will likely speed up your commute too. The same applies to offering seats to those that need them.

Lastly, remember to check your travel details before you go out. If you’re using buses, trains or the underground there are services available to inform you of delays and problems. If there are these sites tend to offer you alternative routes which allow you to still get to the office on time.

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