Impact House in Croydon creates office space and invites viewings at a ‘Tea Party in Space’

The Croydon office space skyline has been altered by the completion of the Impact House building and its attractive night lighting scheme.

Vistors are invited to experience the panoramic views at an event called ‘Tea Party in Space’ as part of the London Festival of Architecture.The viewing, organised by architect of the site MDR Associates, is the firm’s largest development to date and was built at a contract sum of £12.5 million.

The building shines in the dark highlighting Croydon city centre from afar and is made up of a central 16 storey tower and two 8 storey blocks that flank either side.

The serviced office space created in the revitalised 1960s building stands at 13,933 m2. Formerly a Royal Mail site, the refurbished tower is also home to the Croydon NHS Primary Care Trust and was designed with the envoronment in mind. The renovations have helped it achieve a ‘Very Good’ BREEAM status – a national assesment measure of a building’s sustainable and eco-friendly qualities .

More steps are being taken to bring the structure up to an ‘Excellent’ rating.

Croydon councillor Steve O’Connell, Cabinet Member for Regeneration said: “This building is superb. It says all the things we want to say about Croydon, which has so much to offer”.

The event will be held on June 30th and tickets are free through the London Festival of Architecture website and from