Increase in London apprenticeships

Scheme improves apprenticeship figures at major London based companies.

Government scheme helps to ensure that more people are offered apprenticeships in London offices.

Recent figures show that more and more apprentices have been hired in London offices since last year. London mayor Boris Johnson launched an initiative scheme to encourage businesses to take on apprentices which should subsequently lead to an improvement in business growth and the general economy in the city.

Since the scheme started Mr Johnson has stated that the target of 20,000 apprenticeships has long been met. In fact currently the amount of individuals stands at 28,000 individuals. This essentially means that the UK capital has increased its amount of apprenticeships from five to 8.5 per cent over the span of one year.

Some of the participants in the scheme include Capgemenini, Microsoft, Visa Europe, Sky, Norton Rose and HSBC. Mr Johnson said the scheme was designed to ensure that “that these young people are poised to take advantage of any opportunities that arise for them in the future, so that London is well poised to lead the rest of the UK out of recession”.

Microsoft have made use of the scheme and their head of skills and economic affairs, Stephen Uden, has previously referred to London as the driving force behind the UK’s economy. He also went on to reveal that over the next three years 1,000 apprenticeship placements will be created at Microsoft.