New Statistics Show Increased Interest in Open Plan Office Space

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More companies in London choosing open plan office space.

New trends show that firms prefer open plan office space over more traditional spaces.

Serviced office space providers Avanta have released new figures that show that more companies are opting for open plan office space in London. The company has stated that it has witnessed an increasing trend for corporations and small businesses choosing open plan office space over more traditional set-ups. Additionally new research carried out by the British Council of Offices (BCO) show that companies in London are avoiding traditional modular office space for open plan spaces.

Many companies have stated that they chose open plan office space to encourage more interaction and a stronger sense of team work amongst employees. Another common advantage is that staff members can more openly offer knowledge and assistance to their co-workers in areas that might otherwise be overlooked. For example, if one staff member is having trouble with a program like Excel another might overhear or see and offer assistance.

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Open plan office spaces also provide much more effective solutions in terms of space and layout. More desks can be fitted in and thanks to the lack of cubicles or singular offices lighting is much simpler. Less artificial lighting needs to be used and natural lighting can reduce energy bills and the effect on the environment.

Furthermore, open plan offices also offer companies the chance to change their office layout more often. This level of flexibility is something that has been attracting many companies from a range of industries. Areas such as ‘break out spaces’ are also much more common in open plan offices thanks to the extra space available. are specialists in London office space, providing a free, personal service for companies seeking a London based home for their business. If you’re looking for a new office contact us on +44 (0) 203 826 8139.