International Clients Benefit from Direct Eurostar London to Amsterdam

Eurostar connects international clients to Amsterdam

The Eurostar is evolving! The train which connects businesses in London, Paris, Frankfurt etc. in one quick, comfortable journey is expanding its reach to international clients in Amsterdam.

Although it is presently possible for international clients to travel between London and Amsterdam via the Eurostar, commuters would currently have to catch a connecting train in Brussels. This transfer results in the total journey being around six hours long. However, that is all set to change!

Why Amsterdam?

Airports see an average of three million passengers travelling between London and Amsterdam per year. This means the new trains will spark competitive pricing from airlines and new opportunities for international businesses. The service will run twice daily between the two major cities during its early stages according to recent reports. The planned route will also reduce travel time by two hours making the new journey only four hours long.

Amsterdam visited by international clients

Improved Eurostar services benefits international clients

With the increased demand for international rail travel, Eurostar also plan to offer direct routes to Rotterdam in the near future.

The launch of the new e320 train is another example of how the company is upgrading its services. The advancement of these new carriages has led to the trains becoming a more appealing, competitive and productive option for travellers. The investments mean shorter journey times and more comfortable commuting. International clients travelling between London and other European cities will benefit greatly from these improved services.

NS International, which operates high-speed Eurostar links, boasted the benefits of the new e320 trains explaining that they are equipped with, “20 per cent more capacity … chic interior, Wi-Fi and on-board entertainment streamed to customers’ personal devices”. The Eurostar certainly seems dedicated to its development plans and to becoming a serious competitor to airlines.

Eurostar e320 new for international clients

The launch

As of yet the new Amsterdam to London line has no official launch date. However, reports by the Evening Standard suggest that the trains will be available as of December 2017, in time for the festive period. Christmas, and December generally is a very busy time for many businesses. It is expected that holiday makers and international clients alike will take advantage of the new service at this time.

Let us know what you think of the new plans in the comments below. Will you and your business benefit from the improved and extended Eurostar services?