Tower 42 Becomes City's New Retail Hotspot with £50M Investment

Holding the title of London’s tallest skyscraper for 30 years, the iconic Tower 42 on Old Broad Street is making waves once again. Following a £50 million investment, the Tower 42 Estate is soon to become the City’s largest retail destination.

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Gadgets to the Rescue - Shocking Truth about Office Radiation

Almost every hour of everyday we will be checking our phones, using Wi-Fi or starring at a screen. Although our devices have convenient benefits, at work, when travelling or for simply staying in the know, could the tech that we love actually be detrimental to our health?

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BBC to TOG - The Office Group Give Brock House Modern New Look

The site covers 28,000 sq. ft. and since its opening in 1908 housed the Philharmonic Hall, a cinema and the iconic BBC. Now, under an agreement with landlords, Gascoyne Holdings, TOG will place their stylish, innovative stamp on the historic Brock House.

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London's Top Five Hottest Fitness Festivals and Events this Summer

With a recent article stating that Millennials would rather attend fitness festivals in London than a boozy, loud and toxic (for the body at least) music festival, Londonoffices wondered what all the fuss was about. Here’s what we found for summer ’18…

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New 50 Sloane Avenue Deliver Kensington Class to the Workplace

Reflecting the timeless elegance and class of London’s prestigious Kensington, these offices incorporate their surroundings beautifully. Presenting first-class service and quality office space in a building bordered by world famous amenities, 50 Sloane Avenue are out to impress.

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