Creative Work.Life Offices may hold the Key to Future Co-working Success

Work.Life are the co-working providers that believe work and life go hand in hand in equal measure. They are the personal provider whose intimate, friendly spaces are quickly proving to be the success of the co-working model; now they are planning a regional take over.

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Do Motivational Quotes Actually Benefit our Productivity or Wellbeing?

I am a sucker for an inspirational notebook or a brightly coloured pen with a motivational ‘you got this’ plastered on the side. However, many debate whether such quotes and phrases have any effect on our productivity or well-being. We find out what the professionals think.

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Water Fountains and Bottle Refill Introduced to London by Summer18’

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has divulged plans to introduce a series of new water stations across the capital in order to reduce the country’s growing plastic problem. This follows the increasing, widespread realisation of the effects plastic is having on our oceans.

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Class, Centrality and Community - Is Marylebone the New Mayfair

The status of Marylebone has been a slow development but it now seems that slow and steady is winning the race. The more affordable rents, agreeable culture and relaxed nature of Marylebone have seen it become a strong rival to the once classic choice, Mayfair.

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New Property and Job Nos. Following Elizabeth Line Exceeds Predictions

With less than a year till launch, property consultancy GVA have conducted a survey into the benefits that the Elizabeth Line will bring to Greater and Central London and, the results are much more impressive than first predicted.

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