Liverpool Embassy Move to More Affordable Office Space in London

The City of London affordable office space

Liverpool embassy moves to more affordable office space.

Embassy moves to cheaper London office space.

The Liverpool embassy in London has been temporarily closed as the company has chosen to move to more affordable office space in the UK capital. The current offices are located at the heart of London’s financial district in Broad Street. The Liverpool embassy has occupied the high quality office space for a total of 6 months for a total cost of £231,000. This was paid for by both Liverpool council, who paid £135,000, whilst the remainder was paid for by businesses within the embassy.

According to the embassy the new affordable office space in London will be smaller and apparently cheaper to run  than the Broad Street offices. Rental prices at the new embassy will be around £4,200 per month an amount that is substantially cheaper than the current £15,000 at Broad Street.

Whilst the council maintain that the previous offices were a financial success there has been opposition from the likes of Liberal Democrat spokesman Flo Clucas. Commenting on this dispute Liverpool council leader Joe Anderson said: “During the first half of this year we have shown our ambition and confidence by going to the financial heart of the UK. We have been making our case to investors and we have built relationships with many of the most influential decision makers in the UK.”

During the embassy’s time at the Broad Street offices there have been a total of 100 business meetings, some of supposed international significance, over 15 events and more than 650 visitors. Despite this there are still calls for more open and public publishing of the cost and profits of the embassy in the new, more affordable office space in London. are specialists in London office space, providing a free, personal service for companies seeking a London based home for their business. If you are looking for more affordable office space in the capital call us on +44 (0) 203 826 8139.