London After the Olympics: The Stats Roll In

London 2012 Olympics

From today, London begins recovering from the Olympic party with a mass exodus from the city back to all corners of the world, led by all major political party leaders.

As David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband all make for the airports ‘just needing a holiday’ the rest of London gets back to business as usual on just another Monday morning. But what has the impact been on Britain’s capital?

According to a UKinbound survey, 82% of London tourist-based businesses lost money during the Games and over two-thirds insisted that tourist numbers actually fell by 10%.

But as hundreds of thousands of people are leaving Heathrow every day, it’s clear that it hasn’t been a lack of visitors that has been the problem for London but rather a lack of willingness to drift too far from the Olympic stadium.

On the flipside, however, as Visa was the only credit card accepted at the London Olympic Games the company has been able to track most of the spend that took place in London and found that in the first week of the Games alone, international tourists spent £450 million and went on to spend another £12.7 million in London restaurants last week.

Could the fantastic legacy left by a ‘perfect’ Olympic Games help a little towards getting Britain’s economy back on its feet? The jury remains undecided.

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