London Architecture – The Contemporary, Classic and Creative

From the beauty of London’s history including stunning Georgian and Victorian structures, to the eye-watering innovations in architecture of today, London is a true mix of stunning buildings showcasing its incredible rich lifetime.


This is one area of particular beauty in terms of architecture throughout London. The area is restricted in the construction of new developments in the hopes of maintaining its originality and the unique timelessness of the place. Buildings such as 52 Brook Street are particularly arresting featuring striking red brick, this 19th century structure inclusive of period style window railings and bold beautiful door frame is now a spectacular office space.
52 Brook Street Reception 2 52 Brook Street Exterior


Another, but very different space in Mayfair is that of 118 Piccadilly. The dazzling white stone of this listed Georgian building creates a grand and elegant structure in the centre of similarly extravagant constructions all along the street.  The white Grecian style pillars which create the lavish entrance are an especially beautiful feature of this building.


Piccadilly Exterior Piccadilly Lounge


17 Hill Street is an example of a beautiful Georgian building which has been beautifully preserved outside and beautifully renovated inside. It combines the best of both worlds with everything there is to love about Mayfair all within one space. The stunning period features of this building continue on to the interior with beautiful ornate ceilings and majestic staircases.


Maple Leaf Maple Leaf Maple Leaf


The City 

Buildings throughout The City of London make up the iconic skyline that most people imagine when you say ‘London’. Here is where you are certain to find magnificent feats in architecture. Standing at 309.6 metres The Shard is one of the largest constructions in Europe. Known as a vertical city, this magnificent building incorporates retail, offices, hotel, apartments, restaurants and a public viewing gallery offering London a spectacular piece of architecture and entertainment. The Shard’s viewing gallery, sitting 244m above the city, offers visitors 360-degree, 40-mile wondrous views across the London skyline and beyond thanks to its 11,000 glass panel exterior; equivalent in area to eight football pitches.


The Shard The Shard Break Out


This building being nicknamed the cheese grater for its unique design and slanted edge angled at 10 degrees is a beautiful part of The City’s skyline. The building’s tapered shape was designed to provide flexible and varying offices for the needs of the differing businesses which work throughout this area of London. Each office floor is ‘stepped back’ and 750 millimetres narrower than the one immediately below meaning that companies of any size can benefit from this stunning assembly.


Leadenhall Exterior Leadenhall Breakout


Another building given a loving nickname by the people of London for its unique shape and colouring is St Mary Axe, otherwise known as the Gherkin. This 500,000 sq. ft. bulbous shaped building is comprised of a complete glass exterior providing phenomenal views over the city. The building has unsurprisingly earned itself the reputation of being the most civilised skyscraper in the world.


St Mary Axe Reception St. Mary Axe


This area of London is again very different from the previous two locations. Here the architecture moves in to industrial style buildings which have been creatively converted in to trendy and unique office space with an urban vibe. 17 Willow Street is the perfect example of this displaying plenty of exposed brick as well as recycled wood detailing to create a stylish and edgy work space.


17 Willow Street 17 Willow Street 2


This Bonhill Street location still maintains an industrial vibe with concrete pillars throughout the shared space and exposed lighting wires draping down from the ceiling however, it incorporates more of a modern and colourful interior. The smooth and light wooden flooring and contemporary furniture bring a fresh feel to the spaces whilst the unique wooden wall panels and exterior door to the meeting room maintain the more expected quirky style of Shoreditch.


Bonhil Street 2 Bonhil Street 3 Bonhil Street


74 Rivington Street is a wonderful Shoreditch site. It combines modern and creative work space with the industrial and robust characteristics of the building itself. The wooden beams which run along the ceiling and provide support for the upper floor deliver a unique and eye-catching design feature for this otherwise modern space.


black and white black and white 3


These differing London locations showcase the complete extremities in architecture and style that London has to offer. The differing communities within the areas are also just as varied as the buildings themselves and there is the perfect office solution for any company throughout this wonderful city.

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