Interest in London Office Developments Leads to Job Opportunities

London office developments

Interest in London office developments could create new jobs.

Rise in interest shown for London office space could provide new opportunities.

The current demand for quality office space in London could create jobs for a range of professionals working within the city.

One of the main aspects drawing companies to the area is London’s status as financial capital of Europe. It is thought that as a direct result of the interest there will be more office developments and proposals in the coming years.

“London’s future as a global financial capital is strong and healthy – which implies no reason for complacency – but it has a critical mass which is hard to see in other cities on the planet,” commented Richard Kauntze, chief executive of the British Council of Offices.

One of the key industries set to benefit would be construction and development. According to the British Council of Offices demand for office developments is continually rising, meaning that the capital’s economy is expected to recover much faster than the rest of the UK.

The run up to the 2012 Olympics has also created a flurry of interest in the London area with many companies hoping to get involved in the event. Recent office developments in the East End have caused a rise in interest from media and technology companies.

Companies such as Cisco, Facebook and Google are already set to invest in the East London Tech City area.

“Our ambition is to bring together the creativity and energy of Shoreditch and the incredible possibilities of the Olympic Park to help make east London one of the world’s great technology centres,” commented Prime Minister David Cameron.

If interest in London office space continues to stay at these levels there is a good chance that companies specialising in office developments will soon be submitting more planning proposals. This will be welcome news for people within the construction industry and could very well speed up London’s economic recovery.