Going Global Infographic: London Office Rental Rates Vs. the World

Thinking of taking your business international? Compare the cost of London office rental rates and amenities with the rest of the world using this handy “Cost of Working” info-graphic.

Cost_Of_Working_Infographic showing London office rental rates

From New York to New Delhi, the cost of working varies significantly – no more so than when you total up the cost of renting office space or paying for the day-to-day amenities you need to keep your business (and your employees) ticking over productively. In this blog, we explore the information revealed by our “Cost of Working” info-graphic to look at how London office rental rates compare to nine other global business destinations.

London Office Rental Rates vs. The World

While leasing London office space may be costly compared to other global cities, those seeking serviced office space in the UK capital appear to be better off than their counterparts in Tokyo, Rio De Janeiro and Moscow – who are all paying on average £260 per workstation per month more than a serviced office based business in London. At the other end of the table was Sydney, which was shown to offer both the lowest occupancy cost in a conventional lease and the lowest workstation price in serviced office space.

Flexible Workspace

Physical office space is not the only requirement for businesses, with flexible working growing in popularity and transient works pace increasingly in demand. So how do London office rental rates work out financially for flexible work space? Well according to the “Cost of Working” info-graphic London is the 3rd most expensive city in which to hire meeting space, hot desk or secure a virtual office space.

Business Amenities

If you regularly need to accommodate clients, conduct hospitality or travel by taxi – you need to consider the impact of these ongoing costs to you, your employees and your business. Based on the findings shown in our “Cost of Working” info-graphic, London compares favourably to other global cities when it comes to day-to-day business amenities including hotel accommodation (7th), Car Parking (3rd), Taxi fares (4th) and even the cost of a Cappuccino (4th).

To explore the ‘Cost of Working’ infographic in full, you can follow this Link or click on the image above.

If you are looking for more information on London office rental rates check out our Office Space Rent Guide. If you are interested in moving your business in to serviced office space in London, speak to our team today on +44 (0) 203 826 8139 they can help you find it!

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