Top 5 London Offices to Rent with Amazing Breakout Spaces

Lavington Street London offices to rent break-out space feature

The attraction of having a relaxing or inspiring break-out space within London offices to rent is becoming stronger as more employers realise the benefits they can bring to employees and their work place productivity.

Peldon Rose, office design and commercial fit out specialists, reported in a recent blog that having comfortable break-out spaces is key to employee satisfaction saying,

It’s just as important to make rest areas as comfortable as productive ones. Ensure break out areas have soft furnishings, food prep and storage equipment, and relaxing materials like books, magazines or games so they can recoup energy and return to working refreshed.

Below are 5 examples of amazing and memorable break-out spaces throughout the Londonoffices portfolio.

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London Offices to Rent

– Central Street

This provider had to be top of our list. Their London offices to rent on Central Street are maximised for client comfort and provide the ultimate ‘feel at home’ workspace. With a members club style service, centre staff work hard to ensure both work space and breakout space caters to your every need.

Amongst the luxuriously stylish break-out spaces this centre features a complete quiet room, cut off from Wi-Fi and phone service where clients can be totally calm and peaceful when the stresses of the day get too much.

Other spaces designed for clients to get away from their desks are monitored via the Wi-Fi to discover which areas are most used and which are neglected in order to determine what works and what doesn’t in their shared areas. Very forward-thinking!

Central Street London offices to rent break-out space


The Space
– High Holborn

The break-out space within the basement of these unique London offices to rent is totally on trend. It offers a range of space beneath warm lighting covered in differing quirky light shades. There is a large central table creating a focal point for the room which is surrounded by cushioned booths and small, private rooms big enough for only two people. A sleek and modern kitchen area is also featured within this underground space creating an ideal social area.

Plenty of wooden features and exposed brick work along with contemporary furniture and uncovered ceiling pipes gives this space its cool laid back feel. The numerous glass panels also help the light to bounce around this welcoming and creative space.


High Holborn London Offices to Rent kitchenHigh Holborn London Offices to Rent break-out space

– Brook Street

Halkin’s break-out space at their Brook Street location is a definite unique selling point of this all round stunning office space to rent in London. It is the epitome of elegance and class which incorporates the character of its Mayfair location perfectly. Large, grand arm chairs covered in shades of purple and cream compliment the room’s period features including ornate pillars and detailed coving.

Draping curtains with matching cushions further the sophistication of the room and central coffee tables allow for a very relaxing work space. Furniture, although varied in shape and design, is brought together by rich and luxurious colouring giving the large room a unique but luscious interior design. Wi-Fi connectivity is available within the space also and a peaceful atmosphere is usually found within this spectacular break out area.

Brook Street office space to rent in London break-out


BE Offices
– Threadneedle Street

London offices to rent in the City can often be quite corporate and lack modern style. This however is very much not the case with BE Offices’ Threadneedle Street location. Although still a smart and professional space thanks to the dark colouring within the furniture and the smooth, well-defined angles throughout, the contemporary art and modern furnishings make this break-out space a very memorable location.

Black leather sofas are accompanied by large and inviting grey arm chairs whilst simple, chic central coffee tables complete the look. The walls within the space are either white or exposed brick which gives the area the perfect balance of creative and corporate for the more on-trend business looking for London offices to rent in Bank.


Threadneedle Street London offices to rent break-out space

One Avenue
– Lavington Street

The South Bank is a very on-trend area of the city and in recent times has become a popular location for businesses seeking fashionable London offices to rent. The break-out space at One Avenue’s Lavington Street is one example of why serviced office space in the area is so desirable. Plentiful colour, retro accessories and contemporary furniture all feature in this unique and creative setting.

Horse heads for lamps, turquoise walls and cosy vintage looking arm chairs all combine to create a welcoming and individual space to work. Bringing creativity out and allowing a calming feeling in, this is the ideal, quirky space for imaginative and fun businesses.

Lavington Street London offices to rent break-out space

With some of the biggest businesses in the world, including Amazon and Google, placing great focus on the design of their office break-out spaces, it is no surprise that London offices to rent are following suit. Creative work space and the opportunity to take regular breaks from a screen allow employees to refocus their minds and get back to the task in hand.

What features would you have in your ideal office break- out space? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. are specialists in London office space, providing a free, personal service for companies seeking a London based home for their business. If you are interested in our available London offices to rent then call one of our consultants on +44 (0) 203 826 8139.