London Serviced Office Space Employees Tackle Modern Day Mobile Apps

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The modern day presents us with so many choices and opportunities designed to make our lives easier but for many London serviced office space employees, getting to grips with new technology is more difficult than just getting on with a job the old fashioned way. However, when it comes to your business day, the heavy workloads that so many of us have to face could really benefit from a little bit of technical aid, boosting productivity.

London Offices conducted an in-house survey of its consultants’ usage of mobile apps to aid organisation throughout their working day. Surprisingly less than half of consultants regularly used anything other than the one business app used in house to better organise their work schedules. However, when made aware of apps such as those featured in this article, 83% said they were now interested in using such aids whilst at work; others still expressed some concern about the potential for apps to over-complicate procedures.

Our Central London Sales Manager, Schae Kinson reported, ‘I would definitely use some of these apps, especially when out and about in London. It’s always good to have an ‘on the go’ solution.’ Below, Londonoffices have compiled a range of easy to use apps which are all designed to help you organise yourself, your day and your workload right down to the daily commute.

Citymapper – Even for those who spend a lot of time in the city, London is a vast place with a large range of travel services and recalling them from the top of your head isn’t always easy. London serviced office space can be found within every corner of the city and finding your clients’ office may not be as simple as it first seemed. This app makes finding your way across London in the fastest and most convenient way, a two second task. Citymapper will tell you everything from bus times to tube routes, and even the best walking route to get where you’re going in the least possible time.

London serviced office space Citymapper App

Accompany – This is the ultimate brownie points earning app. If you’re about to hold a large meeting, possibly with an important client, Accompany will ensure you both impress and appear prepared. Acting like a trusted PA, the app brings together calendar and contact management features so you can ace your meeting prep. Assign the app to your work e -mail and receive detailed profiles for people and companies in your upcoming meetings. Everything from your last communications with contacts, their social media posts, news stories featuring them and much more is compiled for you; from there you can read them in brief on the train or study them in detail in your London serviced office space the day before.

London serviced office space Accompany App

LastPass – With so many systems and so many applications requiring passwords and usernames in the modern London serviced office space, it is not surprising that we spend plenty of time trying to figure out our passwords or actually resetting them. The LastPass Premium app is a secure way of recording all your passwords whilst having the added benefits of suggesting strong passwords and having a web browser built in. Using the browser via the app, or when using Chrome or Safari if your vault is synced, means that usernames and passwords can be automatically filled in saving lots of time and aggravation when surfing online. It is not just passwords that you can store in the vault either, important notes can also be stored and encrypted for you to recall later.

London serviced office space LastPass App

Pocket – Surrounded by screens, pop ups, email alerts and such all day long within our London serviced office space, it is no surprise that we often get distracted by articles irrelevant from the task in hand but extremely interesting. Now there is a simple way that you can save all of these articles in one tidy place to return to later. Accessing your pocket doesn’t even require an internet connection so you will not be cut off mid-article as you go into the tunnel on the train. Pictures and videos can also be put in your pocket for later viewing because every so often everyone enjoys a cute animal video.

London serviced office space Pocket App

GetLunched – So not strictly a business app but GetLunched is a great tool for your working day. Whether you are looking to give or to gain or you are just looking for a friend for lunch, GetLunched can sort out your lunch hour. Many people are more than willing to share their expertise or offer some business advice to start ups, young enthusiast or just simply someone looking for new inspiration and a fresh opinion on their already existing business. Offering lunch time deals as well as organising hook ups, this is a great alternative to sitting at your London serviced office space desk during lunch.

London serviced office space GetLunched App

The practicalities of using these apps are widely recognised by their developers and researches but now, more and more businesses within London serviced office space are also becoming aware of their all-round benefits.

According to an article by PDMS highlighting the growing popularity and effectiveness of enterprise apps, ‘Strategic Analytics’ predict that the mobile enterprise business application market will nearly double from £25billion in 2012 to £50billion by 2018.’ Later adding how, ‘Business leaders are beginning to recognise that enterprise mobile apps can help transform their organisations by improving productivity, delivering competitive advantages, improving customer service whilst also benefiting their employees.’ The growing awareness of these benefits means that many more people will be able to work remotely when necessary providing greater flexibility for employees as well as reducing a proportion of the stress that comes with their daily workload.

Although you may be someone who prefers the original method of pen and paper and plenty of physical files whilst working in a London serviced office space, there is much support for the theory that with the small addition of a few simple apps such as these you can better organise your day and improve your efficiency. If nothing else they will add a bit of fun to your week at least.