London Surprised by Easier Commutes

London Underground Sign

Working in London during the Olympics has not quite been the horror story it was billed to be, as commuters find their journey more peaceful than most.

With hundreds of extra trains, a good portion of the population working from home and visitors concentrated in East London, many of the usual routes to and from the office have been eased during the international event.

But it’s not all as easy as it looks, Londoners are warned not to expect it all to run as smoothly as it has as the Olympics continue.

“London Bridge station will be extremely busy throughout the entire Games period,” said a spokesperson for Southeastern Trains. “Southeastern is serving more Olympic venues than any other national overground train company.

“Throughout the Games we’re carrying an extra 110,000 people (up to 25 percent more people) every single day on average. There’ll be more trains than normal on a Sunday and extra late night trains to get people home in the evening after events.”

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