London through our Lens: A Focus on Architecture

London through our Lens Architecture Feature Image

Our consultants regularly visit the office buildings on our portfolio. Looking in to new fit outs, new buildings, getting to know centre managers and experiencing the atmosphere with an office is all a vital part of their roles. Being able to appropriately advise which offices wold best suit your business would not be possible without this first hand knowledge.

However, it is not all work and no play. We love exploring the city and snapping some of our favourite sights while we’re out and about.

This week’s images have been supplied by Alex and Gareth with a focus on London’s phenomenal architecture. Hopefully these snaps can bring a hit of inspiration to your day!

The Royal Exchange in front of the Leadenhall Building

The Royal Exchange and the Cheese-grater London Architecture

The Royal Exchange in Bank is possibly the most famous building in the financial district. Initially developed in 1566 by a man known as the father of English banking, Sir Thomas Gresham, the building was the first to trade stocks in London.

Today, after receiving two extra floors and a bout of remodelling, the building is comprised of boutique shops, highly regarded restaurants and modern office space.

Sitting behind the Royal Exchange, the top of the Leadenhall Building can be seen. This iconic landmark structure is better known as the cheese-grater. It’s shape allows it to offer a variety of office space for businesses large to small.

The Shard

The Shard London Architecture

Taken from the roof terrace of Office Space in Town’s St Dunstan’s Hill offices, the Shard is an incredible piece of architecture. Sitting at 310m in height, the multi-use skyscraper is known as a vertical city.

Comprising of luxury office space, world-class restaurants, a 5* hotel, exclusive living space and a incomparable viewing space from the 68th floor, the astonishing building attracted 1 million guests in it’s first year of opening.

The Scalpel

The Scalpel London architecture mid construction

The Scalpel, so named due to it’s design, is diagonally slanted at the top, coming to a sharp point, resembling a surgeon’s scalpel. The building is in fact very sharp and angular as a whole, creating an extremely striking structure.

When complete later this year the building will offer a range of luxury office space with outstanding views. Neighbouring buildings include the Leadenhall Building, St. Mary’s Axe, the Lloyds Building and 20 Fenchurch Street meaning there are already strong expectations for this new piece of architecture.

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Bloomsbury Square Architecture

Bloomsbury Square London Architecture

Moving away from the City and in to tranquillity we take a look at some of London’s classic town houses. Sitting in the beautiful Bloomsbury Square, these stunning 17th century structures are reminiscent of London’s vibrant history.

The court was originally developed by the 4th Earl of Southampton with accommodation for every member of society from the rich to the poor. The area was then later redeveloped in the 19th Century when the upper classes moved on leaving a wonderful mix of architecture.

Atlas Building and Montcalm Shoreditch

Atlas Building and Montcalm Architecture

These two buildings are sitting on a prominent spot between Old Street and the City. Having the best of both worlds, the architecture within this area is unique and eye catching while the interiors are less corporate and more contemporary.

The building on the left, the Montcalm Hotel, is constructed so that it seems to move as you walk past it. The slanted design and narrow elongated windows create a very memorable, all be it a little disorientating structure.

The development on the right  once complete will bring a range of 1-3 bedroom apartments to Old Street. Being designed with floor to ceiling windows and a tiered exterior the building provides residents with stunning views and multiple roof terraces.

With so much to see and admire, is there any wonder we love London so much? For more architecture, office design and everything London follow us on Instagram @londonoffices